Friday, March 29, 2013


So today I was working on painting a bed frame (pics to come when it is finished) and Anna was supposed to be napping (now that she is in a toddler bed the napping has kind of vanished). Isaac was outside every few minutes playing on his bike or just bopping around. He came up and wanted to help me paint and I had to explain to him that this kind of painting isn't really kid friendly. So he took his painting plan into his own hands and asked if he could paint with his paints- sure! He came out a few minutes later with some paints and talked about painting steps or something. I came inside to get cleaned up and I noticed Anna walking out of Isaac's room- covered in colors! I tracked down the culprit.... It was all of the paints Isaac pulled down from the shelf. She opened them all and was painting herself! There is no paint on the carpet... just on Anna! Ahh, I just let her finish. She was having so much fun....

A few minutes later after I got the paint put away I went to check on Isaac. He was outside... and sure enough he was painting our front steps blue! Ohmygoodness!!! Good thing it is washable finger paint. But whoa, what a day!

pipe cleaners + ribbon + finger paint =
one (colorful and messy) happy girl!

blue step masterpiece.