Thursday, February 28, 2013

cell phone pics

It's funny. I take so many pics (I am sure everyone does) with my phone or an ipad or something. I was going through them tonight and and decided to add some. There is no special order. Just kind of what we have been up to the last 10 days or so. 

I debated adding one other picture but decided against it. It is a picture of Isaac right after he got a major owie. We were driving home one morning and I didn't realize he had taken his seat belt off before we pulled into the garage. Well I stepped on the brake and he went face first into the center counsel. His tooth went into his bottom lip and it was a bloody mess. I took a picture right away to get medical advise from Suzie and Dave. So that picture will stay on my phone. 

skiing with daddy

They love to read stories in Isaac's bed with daddy. 

dinner conversation

working on crafts

sound asleep in the last surviving sleep sack. 

helping daddy shovel .