Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ball Boy

Last week I sent our babysitter, Riley a message asking her when the next O'G basketball game is (her brother plays on the team). She replied with the information and then asked me if Isaac would like to be the ball boy. Ahh, yes! We have been getting very excited!

Tonight was the big night. He got to help with the balls during practice and go back in the locker room with the team before the game and at halftime. They also announced him over the loud speaker! He ran through the team and gave everyone high fives. Ahh, priceless! He had so much fun! 

hanging with the other ball boys on the bench before the game

working hard

national anthem
(he is at the way end by the coach)


ahh maybe a little dribble practice for themselves

Isaac and Conner (Riley's brother)