Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Big Game!

Even though Notre Dame didn't win the big game, Notre Dame's biggest fan was all smiles. 

The countdown to the big game started when Notre Dame won their last game several weeks ago. Isaac and Jeff have been counting down daily. So on Sunday night when it was time for bed Isaac couldn't get to sleep as he was super excited. I think it was after 10 when he finally went to sleep. Monday after school and lunch I put Anna down for some quiet time. Isaac and I made cookies for the football party at Wosje and Hines's house. Then I pleaded with him to have some down time and asked him to lay still for 5 minutes, and ta da! Sound asleep for two hours. 

Jeff took the kids to the party around 5:30 and said they were begging to go and Isaac was so excited. I went to Zumba (my first time back since my broken foot and it was amazingly sweaty). After Zumba Sonia and I went to the party and hung out. Since Isaac took his nap he was able to stay with Jeff and I took Anna home for bedtime.

At one point during the first half when the Irish were losing big time Isaac came to the tv and told all the people at the party they need to start cheering so Isaac led us all in cheer and everyone was playing along. Jeff said he was the life of the party and kept the spirits up even though they lost. 

Isaac is such a big fan! Better luck next year, ND!

helping mom make cookies for the game

pregame nap

Anna trying to wake him up

kids watching the game with Wosje