Friday, January 18, 2013

separate ways

Tonight Jeff took Isaac skiing and I took Anna swimming. It was a lot of work, on both our ends it sounds like. I took Anna and she loved swimming. We swam for an hour and then took a shower. After the shower she wanted to go swimming again. I finally got her out of the locker room and we ended up playing in the gym until after 8 - after bedtime. When it was finally time to leave she was so tired and had some major meltdowns on the way out of there. I was happy to get her in the car and even happier to have her home in bed! Jeff took Isaac skiing and they said it was really busy. He said he got him down the hill twice and then had dinner. It was a real chore getting him to go skiing after that.

We decided that as much fun as we planned on having with the kids maybe the whole Friday night idea isn't the best and maybe we will have better luck on a Saturday morning when the kids aren't tired. 

Oh well, we tried. 
ready to ski

Anna playing in the gym-
in jammies and cowgirl boots- how she rolls. 

proud of his new skis

Jeff excited to take him skiing

Anna swimming- blurry. She wont stop moving