Tuesday, January 8, 2013

playing outside

This afternoon while Anna was napping Isaac asked to go downstairs to play on the wii. I offered to go outside to play with him since Anna was sleeping and he thought that was a much better idea! This is something I should do more often after seeing how much he loved to be out there. We played soccer, football, and he made snow angels. I had to come in to get Anna and he was outside begging me to get her bundled up to play, too. After some convincing I finally got her to go. My ticket to get her outside was to offer to swing her. We were out and playing and Anna was swinging with smiles and giggles. She loves to swing. Anna got cold so I came in with her and Isaac stayed out and played with the neighbors. He was out there for over 2 hours! He came in the house to some freshly made hot chocolate. I hope the temps stay a little warmer so he can spent more time outside this winter. 

I am pretty confident the reason the kids were sound asleep by 7:45 is because they spent so much time outside. Happy Mommy and Daddy. 

snow soccer. happy boy

swinging in the snow

happy girl