Friday, October 26, 2012

happy heart

At noon on most days my kiddos watch Sesame Street. Today was no different. While they were watching their show I was doing the dishes. I looked up to check on  them. When I looked into the living room the first thing I looked at was a mirror and in the mirror I saw their reflection. Both of them watching Sesame Street snuggled up on the chair. It stopped me in my tracks and I just had such a sense of happiness. These 2 are so stinking sweet! I love these little moments that make my heart so happy. I am not sure how well you can see this picture but if you select it you can see it bigger and better. I didn't have much time and I didn't want them to see me. I am so lucky.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guys Weekend

Last year Jeff and I went to a fundraiser for the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. Jeff found a little gem on the silent auction that no one was bidding on. 4 tickets to the Notre Dame football game and a parking pass. I think he got it for under $300. He went back and forth about going or not going and how he would get there and who would go. (The game was during opening hunting weekend. My grandparents 70th wedding anniversary party and the play was in town, Rock of Ages. He didn't mind missing the hunting opener- Suzie and I were able to spend time with our grandparents on their actual anniversary- I found a friend to go with me to Rock of Ages). I found him a ticket to get there using our miles and it was set up. He went with Joe who flew in from Des Moines. Chris Wosje also flew from Sioux Falls. They stayed with Jeff's cousin, Josh who just recently moved to Chicago from Dallas. They had a really great time and awesome seats! They also got to see Notre Dame win the game- they are still undefeated! Fun times. Jeff deserves a fun weekend away after all his hard work in the office and taking care of his awesome wife and kids! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

pumpkin fest

Today was our last chance to hit the pumpkin fest. It was about 3:30- Anna wasn't napping and the Cowboys lost (boo). Isaac was at his cousins house for a Halloween party. We decided to go get him a little early and head out before it closed. We arrived at 4:15 and it closed at 5. It was the perfect time to go as there were hardly any people and not much for lines. Both kids rode the ponies. They went for a train ride. We all went on a pumpkin hunt. We pulled out of the parking lot at 4:55 and everyone was happy (maybe not Jeff since the Cowboys lost).

Isaac on the pony

Anna on the pony- Jeff assisting.

kids on the train

family pic
(best we got)

love these kiddos!

Anna is using all her strength to bring me this pumpkin. 

Isaac found a big one!

gotta love Anna's hair. Isaac is busy finding pumpkins

All set to go!

home and happy with their pumpkins. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sesame Street

I was doing something in the kitchen for a while during Sesame Street and the kids were both so quiet. It went for some time. I went out to see what was going on and both kids were laying on the floor on their bellies next to each other watching Sesame Street. It was adorable. I ran to get my camera and got one picture of the 2 of them. But when Isaac saw me with my camera he took off. Anna on the other hand, she just kept watching. I grabbed my phone and took a couple more pics. She is so sweet.

preschool pictures

I love school pictures! I think they are so cute and hilarious. I was excited to get Isaac's back this year. And I was so happy to see the results- of course I would love them no matter what but this picture is perfect! He is smiling so big you can see almost every single tooth! 

Love you, my big 4 year old! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

strep double time

Isaac came to my bed at about 4am this morning and he was burning up. I got up with him and laid with him on the bathroom floor to see what was going on. High fever, pretty sad and feeling crappy. This morning I took him in and it's strep. I asked about Anna and the gal said she would probably be ok. That was not the case. After Anna woke from her nap she was warming up and not her normal busy self. As soon as Jeff got home I took her in and she has strep, too. Both kids with strep! I was not planning on spending my Wednesday in and out of dr.'s offices and pharmacies. 

my buddy no looking so hot

Anna and Oz

2 sick kids (and a dog) on the couch. 

get better cookies we got at the store today. 

70th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday afternoon Suzie and I went to Mitchell to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma Scott's 70th anniversary with them and some other family. We are so happy we did this. It is amazing to see how in love they are. Grandma just kept gushing about how much she loved him and how lucky she was to have him. It was so sweet watching her face light up whenever one of her kids came into her home. 

I was talking to my Uncle Bob who is the oldest of the 6 kids (my mom is the second oldest). He runs Scott Supply in Mitchell with my other Uncle, John and my cousin, Chris. Scott Supply has been passed through the generations and has been around for 100 years (or close). So Bob was telling us how on Saturdays he goes into the shop (Scott's Supply) to mow the lawn with my Grandpa. Grandpa mows and Bob is out there moving things so Grandpa can mow. He is amazed at the fact that this pair- a 96 (97 in a couple of weeks) year old and an 68 year old mow this lawn together. He is so proud. 

I was observing my grandparents during the evening and it is just so awesome seeing their love. My grandpa is always making sure grandma is ok. He was feeding her supper- one bite at a time. So patient. He walks with her to make sure she is ok. He kept showing everyone a picture of the two of them on one of their first dates- in 1941. They were fishing. 

Happy Anniversary! You show us a great example of what love is. 

70th Anniversary flowers

kiss- kiss!

Suzie and I with Grandpa and Grandma
We are known as the "twins" in their home

Grandpa and Grandma with their 6 kids.
Mary Ellen-John-Janet-Marge-Joe-Bob