Sunday, September 30, 2012


On Friday afternoon I heard that a couple of our friends- Chris Wosje and Brian Hines were going down to Lincoln for the football game on Saturday. I came up with a little plan. When Jeff got home from work I asked him if he would be up for going to Lincoln and have a quick 24 hours away. He thought it was a joke.... but it wasn't! We made a couple calls and dropped the kids off at Alex and Mandy's Saturday at noon and were on the road. We went tailgating with some of Jeff's college friends. Jeff and I went to the football game that evening. We went back to the tailgating party for a little bit longer before we called it a night. We were back in Sioux Falls by noon today.

It was really fun and really last minute! Love it when that kind of stuff works out. These little weekends away really give us the opportunity to get back to just us. That is my favorite part of the whole thing!

my first Nebraska football game

Go Big Red


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

quiet weekend

This was the first weekend at home with nothing going on! Wow, it seems like it has been months that we haven't had anything that hasn't tied us up the whole weekend. We spent the whole weekend lounging and hanging out.

Jeff went hunting Sunday afternoon so the kids and I went over to hang out with my mom. We ended up outside and they were climbing trees and digging flowers and trimming trees. They love it over there.  

Isaac and Cappy in their boogie monster legs. 

Anna at Isaac's soccer game

Isaac loves soccer!

I mean, loves loves soccer!

kiddos playing and coloring- I love these moments. 

My sweet little Anna Banana

working so hard coloring

climbing trees at my mom's

My mom taught Isaac how to trim the trees


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Isaac's Imagination

The last week or so Isaac has been waking up really early- by 6:15am. I haven't figured it out. He goes to bed every night at the same time- 8pm. Yesterday Jeff asked him why he has been waking up so early and Isaac said, "Luigi is waking me up. He taps me on the back and says it is time to get up." Ok, that is interesting and funny. We told him to tell Luigi to let you sleep in a little bit. 

This morning he finally slept in! He didn't wake up until 7:45. I was really happy about this. This was our conversation:

Me- Did Luigi finally let you sleep in?
Isaac- Mom, Luigi is out of town.
Me- Oh really, where is he?
Isaac- Seattle
Me- Awesome, when will he be home?
Isaac- 15 days

Isaac also told us tonight that Mario is 8 and Luigi is 6. 

He is hilarious. Maybe Luigi is his imaginary friend? 

rub a dub dub... 3 kids in a tub

Anna (21 months). Isaac (4 1/2 years). Sullivan (3 1/2 months)


On Wednesday morning I finally had the chance to actually do something with Anna. Isaac had plans to go to his friends house after school so I didn't have the normal rush to pick him up at 11. Most kid things in Sioux Falls don't open until 10 so by the time I get there we have to be packed up and in the car by 10:45. If you know, I hate being late to anything. So we usually just stay home- which is ok. 

Wednesday morning Suzie and Sullivan met us at the Butterfly House. We had fun. Anna enjoyed checking out the butterflies and walking around and around talking about the water, butterflies and baby (Sully). We spent about 25 minutes in there and then she started getting really crabby. I figured it out- the heat got to her. It is hot and humid in there. We took her out and brought her to the reading room where she was able to play some more. 

It is fun doing things one on one with her. When Isaac was this age we were always out and about. 

Speaking of Anna- she is slowly becoming my sweet little girl. I was telling Suzie- a few months ago she would come behind you and yank your hair or bite you. Now she comes behind you and puts her arms around you and gives you a hug. She loves to give hugs. Her favorite part of Kindermusik is the 4 minutes when we have quiet time and she lays right on the blanket and just enjoys the few minutes when I rub her back... There is hope for her! 

Anna checking out the butterfly

Suzie and Sullivan


Anna checking out those butterflies

Suzie has a butterfly on her arm. 

hanging with the neighbor

Isaac spends a lot of time with the neighbor kids. Right next door they have 3 boys ages 3,6,7 and we play with them most days. Isaac and the youngest one play the most. We have had him in our home just a few times as they are mostly outside playing- looking for bugs or riding bikes. Last week we were baking some goodies for my girls weekend and Elijah and Isaac were my helpers. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Girls Weekend

Ah, so fun! I just returned earlier today from a girls weekend in Omaha. There were 8 of us- all high school friends (missing 4 from the original dirty dozen). We laughed nonstop and had so much fun. Everyone arrived on Friday night- except Suzie who came on Saturday morning. We just hung out at Jamie's on Friday. Saturday we went for pedicures and a little shopping. Saturday night we stayed downtown Omaha and went to dinner and out on the town. It was so fun and random and nonstop. I can't wait to do it again! We always have so much fun together. 


Friday, September 14, 2012

5 minutes

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and her 3 (ages 5, 3, 8 months) kids came over for dinner. Her husband was working late and Jeff was out of town so it was a good night for it. We were chatting and feeding the kids and Anna was having some applesauce. The next thing we know- The applesauce was everywhere, the kids were hungry and whining and it was crazy. She made this comment, "ahh this is the chaos that I'm not sure I can handle" (or something along those lines). I told her what I tell myself several times a week when life gets hectic; "take a deep breath and remind yourself that this little moment will be a thing of the passed in 5 minutes and just get through it." That was the end of it. I kind of forgot about the whole experience and conversation

This morning we had our kids together and we were chatting. She told me that she had been with her sister earlier this week who has a 2 year old and was just having a hard day. She told her sister about my little words of wisdom - 5 minutes - and she thought it was a really good outlook. 

It feels good that I figured out something that works for me. I was able to share it and make life a little bit easier for someone else. 

this moment

Joining Soulemama in {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

Another use for glue...

On Tuesday we had a day full of much needed rain! I posted a picture on instagram of Anna playing in puddles and my girlfriend who lives right down the street from me suggested we come over after school so the kids can play in puddles. Perfect idea! We loaded up the wagon and were in our rain boots and rain jackets. Anna was playing with the big kids and they were playing in the puddles and making mud piles. Anna was walking on the road and must have lost balance in her rain boots. As she was falling she lost balance again and the first thing to hit the road was her forehead. I didn't think it was a big deal as she falls often. This time was different. I went over and picked her up and blood was everywhere. We brought her inside and cleaned her up. We figured everything was fine because it quit bleeding. We packed up and headed home. I stopped on the way to see what my neighbors thought about taking her in. Everyone seemed pretty indifferent about it. Yes, bring her in because you don't want a scar on her face. No, don't bring her in- she will be fine and her hair will cover the scar. So I took her in. They didn't have to stitch it, thankfully. They just used special glue to get it back together. She said there will probably be a scar but not as bad. She was a trooper. 

best picture I could get. It was worse than this.

Isaac- big brother 

after they glued it back together. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

ollie kid updates

For the last couple of days I have been thinking about how I need to journal and blog about what my kids are up to. I know I always blog about what we are up to as a family but I want to take some time to  write about what Isaac and Anna are up to. I have also been meaning to take pictures of the kids today and like most days, the day got away from me. Time is flying! So after they both fell asleep tonight I snuck in their room and snapped a picture. I could have taken 100 pictures of Isaac and he wouldn't even flinch. I had one shot with Anna. As soon as the flash flickered she was flinching and awake.  

sound asleep

Isaac is still loving Mario. 

He is also really into playing with his neighbors. Next door we have 3 little boys ages 4,6, and 7. Across the street there is a 5 year old girl. We have some other kids spotted in on our block. Whenever we go outside he finds someone to play with. It was funny, last night we told him he had to put his ride on toys back into the garage before he took his bath. I was watching him outside trying to put his little plasma car on top of his jeep to drive it in the driveway and every time he would step on the gas the plasma car would fall off the back. I just kept watching and some kid stopped and they had a conversation. Then the kid helped him. 

He and Capri also play several days a week. 

He is also very interested in the Minnesota Twins. He loves to watch the games with Jeff. He is also extremely into the Dallas Cowboys. Oh my gosh! The Cowboys had their first game on Wednesday and he had so many questions- about the player, scores, coaches, etc. It was really hard because Jeff was out of town so I had to try to come up with the answers. Hopefully Jeff will be around for the rest of the games. Jeff can share all of his football knowledge with his little boy. 

Isaac is becoming extremely independent. He can get himself dressed. He can buckle his car seat. He can get himself a snack, and sometimes Anna a snack, too. He is so helpful, too. He can do all sorts of little errands for me. I am really loving it.  

peacefully sleeping with lots of friends and her blanket

Anna is totally obsessed with Barney (Narney or Bop as she calls it). She also loves Elmo (Melmo). She begs to watch those shows several times a day. I feel bad for Isaac but thankfully he just puts up with it.

She is mostly obsessed with her blanket (bankey)

She loves shoes. Anyones shoes she can find. Her own, Isaac's, mine , Jeff's, anything. It is hilarious watching her try to walk in my big snow boots.

She loves to copy everything I do. When I get ready in the morning and she is in there she wants everything I have. She puts on deodorant, face lotion, make up and so on. She wants to put her own coat on. She wants to brush her own hair and teeth. She loves to wash her own hair, too. It makes for a very interesting life here.

She loves babies, her daddy and puzzles.

She is talking so much. She repeats everything we say. Some of the things she can repeat very clear but some stuff she is really mumbles. She can say so many names and can point to family in pictures and say their names. It is amazing how much she is talking.

We still put her in her sleep sack every night at bedtime. She is just so used to it. She knows when we get the sack - as she calls it- it is time to start the nap or bedtime routine.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

6th Anniversary at the Dakota Bowl

Yesterday Jeff and I celebrated Anniversary #6 at the Dakota Bowl. (We did get to go to dinner just the 2 of us on Friday night). Jeff is on the committee so he spent the day at there. I brought the kids after Anna's nap. They always have a great time with all their friends running around playing. 

This year it was really hard with Anna. She was all over the place. Tailgating with her was fine but once we got into the game it was kind of a nightmare. Jeff took her out to the field for a little bit and just had to be down with her as she would not sit still. I have a feeling next year it will be much easier with her. 

Isaac on the other hand did a really good job. He loved all the pre game entertainment- the skydivers trying to land of the 50 yard line to the football players warming up. He had all kinds of questions. He went out on the field with Jeff to give the football players a high five as they were running in. He thought it was pretty awesome. He kept saying to me; "Mom, this is my first football game!" I had to remind him over and over that it was not his first football game- he has been going to the Dakota Bowl every year since he has been born. 

It is a good thing Jeff and I are both O'Gorman alumni or we may not understand the love of our high school. We were just fine celebrating the big #6 with all of our O'Gorman peeps! It is also fun watching Isaac become excited about O'Gorman as he will be there in a few years! 

Go Knights!

6 years!

Jeff and Isaac are the 2 guys in white in the back.

Future OG Knights!