Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sioux Falls Air Show

This year the Air Show was a really big deal in our house. Not only does Jeff play a huge roll in the show but we have a 4 year old boy who is really into the Blue Angels! Friday evening we went to kick off party for the Air Show and Isaac was able to meet several pilots and take pictures. We didn't realize at the time but the Blue Angel pilot he took a picture with was the Boss. He was the head honcho of the Blue Angels. Talk about so cool! He was so nice and Isaac was showing off doing the splits and jumping around. It was pretty fun. We also got to meet the pilot of the F-22 Raptor. It was awesome- I was kind of star struck. Isaac was not shy around them at all- he tried to climb all over them- as you can see in the pictures. 

It was so hot today at the show. We had a really good time. I was able to leave Anna home with my babysitter. Isaac had so much fun watching the planes go by. It was so much more fun watching the show today knowing who the pilots were. 

We are so proud of Jeff and all of his hard work on the Air Show. 

Isaac with the Boss- Blue Angel Pilot

Isaac with the F-22 Rapture Pilot
Jeff with the kids at the kick off party

Grandma- Isaac-Suzie watching the show

Jeff with the F-22 behind him

my parents

The Boss in the number 1 plane

Jeff got to ride in this plane- a stunt plane

Isaac waving at the Blue Angels. 

Blue Angels

Isaac and me at the Air Show

water fight!

Last week when Owen and Cappy were over someone decided it was time for a water fight... Why not, right? It has been so hot here this summer.

Monday, July 16, 2012

last minute Twins game!

Thursday afternoon at about 4pm I got an email from my friend, Sonia. She had a few extra tickets to the Twins game the following evening and wanted to now if Jeff and I wanted to go. Jeff and I really did want to go. So we started scrambling to make arrangements for our kids for a quick night away. We wanted the kids at the lake because that is where we wanted to end up on Saturday. Jeff's parents were happy to watch the kids but they wanted to play in their Friday night golf league. We finally found a couple of babysitters and it all worked out. We had a really good time. 

Thanks John and Linda for your help! 

Sonia and I at the game

Jeff and I rooting on the Twins

We were happy to get back to the kids on Saturday afternoon. Last night Isaac and I went out on the dock right before the sunset and the lake looked amazing! I took this picture.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

flowers for mommy

This morning Anna and Isaac were going down to pick flowers for Jeff, Linda and me. They kept coming up with more flowers. I had the 2 flowers- 1 from each kid. Anna's is the crumbled up and and Isaac's is perfect. Just goes to show their age and development difference.


We spent an extra long weekend at the lake for the 4th. We spent so much time down by the water and on the boat. Both the kids enjoyed swimming and boating. Anna loves to jump (sit on her bum bum and sneak) in the water. Isaac was getting more and more brave and can jump off the dock passed the ladder. His favorite is getting off the boat about 50 feet away from the dock and swimming in- with me of course. John and Linda had a volleyball game set up for the 4th with some friends and about 50 people showed up! Lots of kids and adults. We had a great time. We went out on the boat to watch the fireworks as we do every year. I love doing this! My favorite night of the year. 

I love that my kiddos get to grow up spending so much time at the lake. During this summer I have just been so thankful. Mostly to John and Linda because they give us this opportunity and welcome the kids and us. Isaac knows the ropes to the lake and I just think the memories we are creating are so awesome. 

The highlight of my weekend was watching Isaac and Jeff catch fireflies. It was late one night and they were out everywhere. Isaac was so excited to catch them and he had to have them sleep in his room with him that night. Anna was right there with them. She wants to do everything Isaac is doing. 

Kids and Grandpa watching Jeff shoot fireworks off

heading over to watch the fireworks on the boat


Anna driving.

Jeff and the kids getting their feet wet and cooling off. It was so hot!

me in my favorite spot. on the raft relaxing.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

writing on the wall

This afternoon Isaac told me that he made a sign on his room that said "Isaac" and it meant only he could be in his room. I didn't think anything of it. Then we were getting ready to go somewhere and I went to Isaac's room and Jeff was in there and told me to close the door. That's when I saw his sign. Jeff then showed me the bathroom door and Anna's door. Isaac wrote "Anna" on Anna's door and "Isaac" on his door and the bathroom door. Ha! I couldn't really believe it. Now I don't know what to do- leave it there because it is pretty cute and funny or remove it as that is probably the right thing to do. Ahh, I'll probably leave it for a while. What's wrong with a little crayon on the doors, right?

breakfast picnic

One morning last week Isaac wanted to eat breakfast on the living room floor while watching a cartoon. I figured, why not. So he was chilling and I had Anna at her usual spot at the table. Of course not even 5 seconds later she wanted down and to go sit with Isaac. She sat down right next to him and started eating. They were both hanging eating breakfast and sharing their food with each other. (I hardly ever dress my kids to match but this one time they were wearing matching pajamas). Sweet moments.