Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Jeff's dad and some other guys bought a cheap race horse. Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) races at a track in Arizona called Turf Paradise. Last weekend when ETF was racing Jeff found the race on TV and got the kids to watch. He has won the last 3 races! What a good hobby for John and Linda in their retirement!

rooting for ETF

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Morning

This morning we went to church at St Mary. Owen had his first communion today. The whole family was in church together. Congrats Owen! I didn't take a picture of him and I should have- he was looking good. 

My mom was sitting with Cappy and Isaac reading with them- pretty sweet. 

Capri has been telling everyone that Isaac is her "one true love." 

She said to me a couple of days ago, "Maggie, since Isaac and I are both 4 now does that mean we get to get married?" 

Is 4 the magic number?

I can't believe how much our life has changed since Isaac turned 4. Since he turned 4 only three weeks ago he has become so independent. He can get dressed, go to the bathroom, wash his own hair, and so many other things- all by himself. He also went to the dentist this morning and he went back all by himself. When the hygienist asked him if he wanted me back there he said, no. It is almost like a switch turned on and he doesn't need (or want) any help. I am amazed by it. I love his independence but at the same time I am having a hard time letting my guy grow up. It is happening right before my eyes. 

Yesterday Isaac went to a Birthday party for a friend and it was a Super Hero themed party. Kids dressed in their favorite super hero costume. Spiderman, Batman and Captain America showed up! As I have talked about before Isaac is obsessed with Mario and that is his favorite Super Hero (since Mario saves Princess Peach from Bowser). So he wore his Mario shirt. He was really into the Super Heros and chatted with them the whole time- all about Mario. I could hear him telling them about the spinners, fire power, toad stool, Luigi, Mario, Bowser, etc. The list went on and on. 

Isaac and the superheros

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

suneshiny day

These kids love to wear sunglasses. Today was a great day for them as the sun was shining! :)

We took Anna to the Dr on Friday. She ended up with a sore on her leg that became infected. Poor little girl. While we were there we weighed both kids and checked their height.

34 pounds/40 inches

20 pounds/30 inches

popcorn kernels

So yesterday I was talking to my girlfriend who lives in CA about our upcoming girls trip to Las Vegas (yay!) and the kids were playing in the kitchen. The next thing I know I hear something spilling all over the floor. I quickly hung up the phone and went to see what was going on... Anna was dumping an entire bag of popcorn kernels all over the floor. An entire bag. The first thing I did, grab my camera. Then I went to get the vacuum to clean it up. Before I started cleaning I let the kids play in it. They loved it! Isaac made piles and then kicked it all around. Anna ate a few and just whipped the kernels all over the kitchen. Normally I would get aggravated and annoyed but this time I just had fun with it. I took pictures... because hopefully this won't happen again. :)

This action pretty much sums our Anna Banana up. She is a tornado. She is still super busy. She is nonstop and likes to dump everything out- crackers, popcorn kernels, etc. She is feisty. She gets a look on her face and she will either pull your hair, pinch you or bite. I have started putting her in her crib for a minute after she does one of these moves. I am trying to get a head start on it. Ahh, she is so much work! She won't sit in her high chair anymore so we let her eat at the table. She usually ends up on the table. We just have to laugh- I mean, its normal for kids to walk all over the table, right? Well, it's normal in our house.

1st soccer game

Isaac had his first soccer game on Saturday. It was hilarious. The first half they had a little practice. Jeff and Isaac followed some drills from the coaches. Then the second half they played soccer against another team. It was so funny and fun to watch. About 10 kids are all going after the ball in one swarm. Isaac kicked the ball a couple of times but he wasn't very aggressive. He was mostly a few feet away from all the action mostly watching. We will see how he progresses in the coming weeks. This is fun!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Isaac has been calling it Easterday for the last few days. Funny how they come up with things. So we were up bright and early to go to mass at 9:30. We came home long enough for me to bake the cinnamon rolls Isaac and I made the night before and then we were off to go to Jamie and Mike's (Mandy's sisters farm in Colton). This is our 3rd year in a row going out to the farm for Easter. It is such a great time. We have lunch and then the kids have an Easter egg hunt. It was beautiful outside and they were playing baseball, kickball and just hanging out. Such a wonderful way to spend the day with family and friends. It is so great to be out there with all the room to play. We are so lucky to be invited every year. I took lots of pictures...

Isaac hunting for eggs

Sophia and Grandma
Isaac and me
Suzie- 31 weeks pregnant
Lizzie and my mom
my family
Anna hunting for eggs
my babies
Isaac and Jeff
Jeff and his babies

Happy Birthday Granny!

My Grandma Scott turned 89 on Saturday. We went to Mitchell for the Birthday party. Most of my cousins were there for Easter. I haven't seem some of them in a long time. There were lots of great grand kids there, too. After we sang to Grandma she was in tears. So sweet.

some great grand kids helping her blow out the candles.
happy birthday granny!
grandma and grandpa with all of the great grand kids present.
(except for the tall guy- he is my cousin)


Isaac is going to play soccer this spring. It is only a 6 week season so we will be done before the end own May. Cappy is in the same league. So we hope to see some of her games, too. He will play every Saturday. They practice for 20 minutes and then play 3 on 3 for 20 minutes. It will be fun- this is our first organized sport for us.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Or should I say, Happy Birthday Mario? He wants to be called Mario, after all.

He had a really good day on his birthday. Turning 4 is a big deal! I made him pancakes and hash browns for his birthday breakfast- his request.
Anna- happy Anna
Isaac went with me to pick up his birthday cake. He saw the cake and his face lit up- so excited that Mario was on it.

Anna in her party dress.
Our annual Birthday picture as a family.
Blowing out his birthday candles!
Happy kid- playing Mario Brothers on his new DS wrapped up in his new Mario blanket.

Every 6 months or so we measure the kids on the wall. Isaac has grown about 5 inches in the last year. He grew 1 1/2 inches in the first six months and he has grown 3 1/2 inches in the last 6 months! I knew he has been growing fast because he is growing out of all of his pants. But I didn't realize how much he has actually grown.

Isaac is growing into such a big boy. He is really fun and I love him so much. This was my journal entry on Sunday evening- Isaac's Birthday. Pretty much summed up my feelings on his birthday.

"As 10:24 pm approaches (Time of the day Isaac was born) my heart is full. Remembering the moments after I gave birth to Isaac. Such and emotional wonderful beginning. 4 years ago and I can't imagine my life without him."

Happy Birthday, Isaac. Mommy and Daddy love you so much.


Capri slept over a couple of weeks ago. Isaac's first official sleepover at our house. They were funny. We got them ready for bed in their sleeping bags and turned the lights off. Jeff and I were watching tv in the living room and they kept coming out and telling us the strangest things, "Isaac hurt his finger, Cappy wants some water, something is under the bed," and so on. Then Isaac came out whining and sad so he laid next to me and fell asleep on the couch within 3 minutes. Not long Cappy came out looking for him and was sad he was sleeping out with us. She climbed up and snuggled next to Jeff and she was crashed out in about 45 seconds. Cute kids. They both slept in his room all night and we didn't see them until morning. It was fun.


While we were in Lake Tahoe Jack and Patricia celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary! John and Linda took care of the grandkids so the big kids could go celebrate. We went to dinner and then to a casino and then to a bar. We had a really good time!

traveling with kids

I know we aren't the first or the last people in this world who travel with little kids, but I happened to take a few pictures this last trip while traveling. It is not easy. Early flights, busses, layovers, time changes, etc.. is not easy with kids. When we left for Tahoe our flight left Sioux Falls at 6:22am. This meant we had to be at the airport no later than 5:15 with all our luggage and stuff. The kids were total troopers on the way there. Below is the kids and myself on our flight from Denver to Reno- both of them crashed on me... so no sleeping for Mom!

After we arrived in Reno we had to take a bus to Lake Tahoe.
This was tricky as Anna was getting very restless and sick of it.

Isaac and me on the bus.
This was on our trip home. We have 2 checked bags, skis and boots. We also have a carry on suitcase with a change of clothes for both kids as well as snacks and toys and plenty of diapers. We had a stroller, too but of course the kids just want to ride on the luggage cart- whatever works!
We had to catch the early bus to Reno on the way home to make our flight. So we had 2-3 hours in the Reno airport before we left. We had lunch and Anna was being super quiet for quite some time so I looked at her and she was covered in BBQ sauce from her hair to her feet. Gross. I had to take her to the bathroom and basically put her head under the faucet. In the picture below her hair is soaking wet... ah the things we go through.

The last couple of times we have flown with the kids there has been maintenance problems on the plane so we have ended up sitting on the plane for an hour or so before take off. This also sucks. We always manage to get home with minimal breakdowns.

Here is my solution on flying/traveling with little kids.... Be calm. Don't freak out and raise your voice... this just makes the kids and the situation that much worse. Take a deep breath and take each minute at a time. Have plenty of snacks and drinks and stickers (for the little ones). Isaac just needs an iPad or a movie. Each parent take one child at a time. Don't leave it all up to one parent when you have more than one kid If there is a meltdown, just relax... you probably won't see anyone on your flight ever again and they have most likely been in your situation before. Each parent take one child at a time. Don't leave it up to one parent when you have more than one kid. Everything will be fine in 5 minutes.

With that being said, thankfully we won't have to get on another plane with our kids until August. Anna will be much easier by then, hopefully!