Monday, December 17, 2012

Special Visitor!

On Friday at about 3:30 there was a little knock on the door and guess who walked in... Uncle Joe! Isaac went running to greet him. I got Anna out of her room and as soon as she saw him she yelled his name and went running to him. The kids were so excited! We haven't seen Joe since Seattle in August so it was really special to have him come visit for the long weekend. 

You know your kids love their uncle when: Jeff and I had plans for Friday night and Joe was babysitting. So, we were trying to get out of the house and Anna went ahead and opened the garage door saying, "bye bye mommy, bye bye daddy, see ya." We get it! 

Their little faces lit up every morning when Joe would come up the stairs. 

This morning Joe was able to see Isaac off to school and he left shortly after Anna woke up. After Isaac got done with school he asked me if Joe left. I told him he did. He looked kinda bummed. Isaac told me that he went downstairs before he went to school to tell Joe thanks for the Dream Lite (toy) and that he really loved his Uncle Joe. 

Joe, You are welcome to come visit anytime! The kids seriously LOVE you. Thanks for spending Anna's Birthday weekend with us.