Sunday, December 9, 2012


We have snow! Yay! The kids love it and every time Anna looks outside she yells, NOW (she hasn't quite figured out how to add the "s" to "now")! 

Today I was getting Isaac all bundled in his boots and hat and mittens as he was going to go with his cousins to the play at O'Gorman with my parents. I was outside with him waiting for my brother to pick him up and he just kept asking if he could make snow angels. I had to hold him off and told him as soon as he got home from the play he could go outside and make snow angels. 

The minute he walked in the door he was asking to get out there to make snow angels. So we got them both bundled in all their snow gear and out we went. Isaac went right to the ground to make his angels and as soon as Anna's feet touched the ground she pretty much stood still and whimpered. Isaac ran around a little and played and I brought Anna in. Isaac was done shortly after as it is cold. Anna cried for about the next hour and wouldn't let us take off her snow gear. She kept saying "snowman" but it was too cold. I cant wait for a nice day to send them out to play in the snow. 

snow angels!


Happy kids loves the snow!