Monday, December 17, 2012

Preschool Christmas Concert

Isaac had his school concert last Friday. It was fun. It was cute. The class walked into the church and Isaac found me right away waving at me on his way in. Anna found Isaac, as well. There were probably 40-50 kids performing and right before the performance the place was (sort of) quiet and Anna kept yelling, "Hi Icaas (that is how she says his name.)" He would wave back at her, proud big brother. They sang 15 songs and all the kids did a great job. Isaac was right in front. I LOVED it. I am SUCH a proud mom! 

The little girl to his left is rumored to be his girlfriend. Her name is Emma. Emma's mom told me that she talks about him all the time. Isaac told me he thinks she is cute. Ugh oh!