Tuesday, December 11, 2012

mother trucker, that hurt!

So yesterday afternoon was going just as planned. Anna was in her room (not napping but supposed to be) and I was doing laundry and playing with Isaac. He wanted to race to my room from the living room so off we went. I turn the corner and must have snagged my baby toe on the corner and I heard a crack and down I went. I laid there for a few minutes while Isaac was laughing at me and telling me to get up and run! I just kept thinking to myself, it's just a broken toe. They cant do anything for a broken toe. Get over it and get up. Then I looked down at my toe and this is what I saw.

 My baby toe facing the wrong way. Holy crap- I nearly passed out. Didn't know what to do. I called Jeff and he came home and he was just as shocked and we decided I better call the Dr since we didn't want it to heal like this. Jeff tried to push it back over and it just went back to sticking out and the pain from his pushing it almost put me over the top.

Jeff had to get back to work for a meeting so Sophia came to babysit the kids and my mom came to pick me up and take me since it happened on my right foot I figured I better not drive. We ended up just going over to the walk in clinic at the Orthopedic Institute (my friends husband is a Dr over there and that is what she suggested). I hobbled into the clinic.

 Here is a picture of my X-ray. The pointer is pointing to the break. Not good. The Nurse Practitioner came in the room and told me that for sure I needed a boot. But she was waiting to hear back from the on call doc as she thought I may need surgery because of the deformity of my toe. They may need to put a pin it. Holy buckets, not what I was expecting to hear. Thankfully the Dr thought a boot would be enough. I do have to go back in next week to have another X-ray to make sure it is healing correctly.

So here is the boot I get to live with the next week and then some. It is really a good thing I have this boot to protect me from little people who always seem to bump into me and step on me throughout the day. 

Here is Anna trying out the new boot. A very new and very expensive toy for her to play with.