Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Anna!

Oh Happy Birthday to our wild and crazy little girl! One thing for sure I learned this Birthday is having a girl is completely different than having a boy. Pink everything! Pink took kit, pink legos, pink minnie mouse, purse with make up, minnie mouse dress up, and on and on! 

Anna started the day with a few melt downs but as the day went on things went better. When people showed up for the party she was having so much fun! She loved being the center of the party, for sure! 

To my Anna, 

2 years ago you came into our lives and you have changed our world. You strong willed and you think you are the boss. I laugh when you yell at Ozzy, which is most of the time. You and Isaac play well, most of the time. There is the occasional pinch or hit (usually on your part). I have learned to stop fighting you on things like putting socks and shoes on before we go in the car, or putting your coat on. I just bring it with us because you want to do it on your time. I know that you mostly just want crackers for breakfast. You love Minnie Mouse, Barney, Elmo and Cookie Monster. You love to spend time coloring in Isaac's room. You love to copy everything he does. He comes to show me his color project and you come out seconds later with your art work, as well. You love love to take tubbies and showers, sometimes 2 times a day. You love to go outside and swing, you beg- even when it is freezing. I am proud to say your little spunk might be from your mom. :) 

Anna with her cake with stars. 

Our family

Happy girl opening presents

loved the minnie mouse dress

Minnie Mouse with Minnie Mouse


Barney and Minnie


blow out the candles with help from her brother. 

This girl LOVES ice cream. Asks for it daily

Happy Birthday girl (and Suz enjoying cake, lol)