Thursday, December 27, 2012

De La Salle basketball team

My dad's high school in Minneapolis is De La Salle. Back when my dad went to school there it was an all boys private school. Now it is a coed school and kids have to apply to get in. This school is located in downtown Minneapolis. Kids from all over the twin cities area go to school here. Every year the basketball team participates in the Mike Miller classic in Mitchell. On their way to Mitchell they stop at my parents house for dinner. This year Isaac was invited to join in the fun. I went as well to help my mom and to just be there. It was really awesome! 

We walked into the door and Isaac was wearing his Notre Dame jersey and that was an instant conversation starter. Isaac told them all his facts. Isaac sat next to a couple of the guys during dinner and I am sure he just talked their ear off. Isaac was in heaven- lots of smiles and laughs. 

The team is full of talent. Most of them looking toward scholarships in basketball or another sport they are in. In the picture below Isaac is sitting on the lap of a kid named Reed Travis. His brother plays basketball for Harvard. Reed is ranked number 34 in the nation for his age- junior. He is going to have some pretty awesome opportunities in the near future. Reed is also the starting quarter back for the football team. He wears number 9- Isaac was so excited- just like Tony Romo!

Owen was ear to ear smiles the whole time, as well as Isaac. Tomorrow my dad and mom are going to take both boys to Mitchell to watch them play. 

What an awesome opportunity!

Hanging out with the kids

My parents and kids with the basketball team

Isaac eating with the guys

He told the guy next to him, "your my favorite."