Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas day

Ahh, it is so fun on Christmas with my 2 kids! They are what Christmas is all about. Isaac slept until 7:30 on Christmas morning (Thank you, God) and came in our room full of Santa info, "I opened one eye in front of the tree and say Elmo. I opened my other eye and saw all kinds of presents for me from Santa!" He is so excited about Santa. 

We spent the morning playing with toys and working on the new Mario puzzle- Isaac loves it. We went to see Jeff's grandma in the hospital for a while. We came home for Anna's nap. After her nap we went and looked at lights. 

Jeff's parents came to town and we were so happy to have them here. Isaac and Anna have missed them so much and played with them nonstop when they were around. They played tag. Grandpa bounced around with Anna on her blue puppy. They read books. They put puzzles together. Wow! 

Christmas morning

Anna's new stroller with 2 Elmo's!

kids playing on their new mini iPads on Isaac's new bean bag

Anna and Grandpa playing on her puppy

We finished this puzzle on Christmas day

Happy to have these guys!

Isaac and grandpa restarting the puzzle