Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 year in review

Wow. I cant believe another year has come and gone. Life is so good and moving so fast. I am so happy for this blog to read through and remind myself of what we have been up to.

I will start with Anna. She had really fun year being 1! She has grown up so much over the year. She has developed a love for Barney, Elmo, Bernie (Bert and Ernie), Cookie Monster, Baby Bop, BJ, Mickey and Minnie. She loves them all and talks about them all the time. She was lucky enough to go see her favorite Sesame Street characters in concert. She loved them so much but didn't want them to get too close. She loved the lake and swimming and playing. The stinker figured out how to crawl out of the crib when she was under 18 months while we were at the lake. We quickly came up with a solution to have her sleep in a sleep sack to keep her in her crib. This remedy lasted until November when she discovered how to get out of the sleep sack that was on backwards. We converted her crib to a toddler bed and that lasted one night. This resulted in such a terrible night of sleep for Jeff and I that I put the crib back together the next day. Jeff found out another way to keep her in her crib- 2 sleep sacks, backwards. So we are going to ride this out as long as we can. We know the crib isn't going to last much longer but we are doing all we can to keep her in. Her vocabulary has exploded and can say everyones name and talks so much. She adores her big brother most of the time. She keeps us on our toes at all times. She recently celebrated her 2nd Birthday and has mastered the meltdown. Oh but we love her to pieces!

Isaac, oh Isaac. He is so much fun. Such a big boy with a determined personality. He is also our people pleaser (like his mom). His passion for Super Mario Brothers and sports amazes me. Isaac spend most of last winter learning how to ski- with Jeff at Great Bear and then at ski school in Lake Tahoe in March with is cousin. He also played more soccer in the spring and really loved it. As soon as the game was over he was asking when he could play again. He loved giving a play by play to anyone who asked. He has developed a major love for Notre Dame football and the Dallas Cowboys. He asks us everyday if football is playing that day. Isaac started his second year of preschool in the fall and he goes 3 days a week. He has made so many friends and has excelled so much. He amazes me all the time. He loves to spend time with his cousins, as well. He is growing up so fast, I can hardly stand it.

My life continues to run smooth. Hanging with the kids is what I do best. I also have had a few chances to get a few weekends away this year- girls weekends. I went to Vegas in April, Omaha in September and Minneapolis in December. Those weekends are greatly appreciated! I also continue to play bunco once a month. I really enjoy all my playgroups with other moms with whom I love so dearly. They are such a huge part of my life. My grandma passed away in November a month after she and my grandpa celebrated 70 years of marriage. It was really hard.

Jeff is still working away flipping burgers and Burger King. He works so hard and we are so proud of him. He also worked so hard this year on the Sioux Falls Airshow that comes once every 3 years. He was gone many hours but it paid off when we (mostly Isaac) were able to meet the pilots of some pretty amazing airplanes. The weekend the airshow was it here it was so so hot. Jeff also got to spend a weekend in Palm Springs with some college friends. He went to a Notre Dame game in October and he just took a day trip to Vail to go skiing.

Jeff and I spent a long weekend in Cancun in January. We also had a quick getaway to Minneapolis in July for a Twins game and another quick getaway in September to Lincoln Nebraska for my first UNL football game. We both really really love our weekends away. It is so good for our relationship.

One major highlight of 2012 was spending 8 days in Seattle. Jeff climbed Mt Ranier for 3 full days with Joe and Dave while Suzie and I took on Seattle with 3 kids under the age of 4. We had such a great time. We were so happy to get to Seattle while Kristy and Scott lived there.

2 other major highlights were the birth of 2 new babies! Suzie and Dave had a little boy in May, Sullivan. Jack and Patricia also had a little boy in July, Jace.

I think that wraps up our year. I cant wait to see what 2013 is going to bring!