Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tickets for Sale!

Life has been crazy around here. My grandma passed away on Tuesday evening (more on this in a different post coming soon). Jeff and I have had a trip booked to Las Vegas to see Garth Brooks this weekend. We didn't know when my grandma's funeral would be so we were just holding tight to our Vegas plans. *on a side note- a couple of weeks ago Garth Brooks announced that the show we were going to was going to be his last show* Anyways, we found out yesterday afternoon that the funeral was going to be Friday night and Saturday morning. The one time that would not work for our Vegas trip. So our wheels started turning, fast. We needed to cancel our flight, hotel and sell the tickets! We felt we needed to get rid of the tickets ASAP since we needed to get them in the mail to whoever bought them so they could have them for the show on Saturday night. 

We put an ad on EBay and I was answering messages on Craigslist. We weren't having much luck. I was talking to my sister in law and she suggested just throwing an ad on Craigslist and see what happened. So I did it. I asked for $650 per ticket and that I needed to sell them ASAP. We had some activity fast! I put my phone number on the ad and my phone started beeping and ringing and my email started dinging, as well. People were contacting me from all over. 

The gal we sold them to was great. She is taking her sister as a surprise. She was having difficulty with her paypal account so Jeff and I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with her. All went through and it was done. Jeff put them in the mail last evening. 

Jeff bought the tickets for about $500 and we sold them for $1300! I do have a feeling we could have sold them for more but we were anxious to get them out of our hands and the state of South Dakota! I told the gal, Kelly to let me know how it is. I am sure she will have an amazing time.

What a crazy experience! Wow, we will never forget this.

Now, Jeff and I need to plan a trip to Vegas! Maybe in the spring....