Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday in Mitchell

My grandma was admitted into the hospital early last week. She was supposed to get out on Friday and go to the nursing home temporarily until she got better enough to go home. When my mom arrived at the hospital on Friday morning she walked into something she was not expecting. Grandma had taken a big turn for the worse and was unresponsive. I got a call from my mom when I was at Isaac's Halloween party and it was really hard to digest. I sat in the corner of his preschool room holding back the tears. My mom, all of her siblings, my grandpa and their pastor gathered around her hospital bed and said a prayer and sang some songs. Several minutes later my grandma came out of it. Everyone thought this was her time to go. Not this time!

Suzie and I decided to get over to Mitchell on Saturday as we know our days are numbered with Grandma. Grandma slept most of the day when we were there. Several times we would try to wake her up. We would use Sullivan to get her attention and she loved having the baby there. Everyone loved having the baby there. 

I am really happy I was able to spend my Saturday in Mitchell. Thanks to Jeff for not even thinking twice and staying home with the kids all day while I was gone. 

They are hoping to get Grandma into the nursing home tomorrow and seeing how things progress and taking the necessary steps to keep her comfortable in her final stages of life. It is so hard seeing my mom, her siblings and my grandpa go through this. 

Grandma talking to Sullivan.