Wednesday, November 28, 2012

big girl bed

Anna climbed out of her crib when she was about 16 months old. That was not ok with us. We figured out a solution which was a sleep sack. She slept in it all the time- for naps and bedtime to keep her from climbing out. She has 3 of them. We also have to put them on backwards so she can't get to the zipper. They now all have holes, tears, knots, etc. Today she was not napping so I went in to check on her. She was on the floor outside of her crib crying because she had just fallen. She managed to get her sleep sack unzipped and get out. So, goodbye sleep sack and goodbye crib. 

I had Jeff convert her crib temporarily until she gets used to it then we will get her big girl bed set up. 

When I put her to bed she got up and walked right out and sat back on the couch and asked for Elmo. I told her Elmo was sleeping and brought her back to bed. I walked her in there and put he in her bed and walked out and closed the door. She cried for about 15-20 minutes and finally fell asleep. She stayed in there the whole time. I went in to check on her later and she was sound asleep in her bed. 

I really hope this transition goes better than when Isaac went through this. We basically had him sleeping in our room at some point in the night for 2 years. Ugh. I was going through his stuff as I was curious to see how old he was when we climbed out. He was about 2 weeks shy of being 2 years old, as well. 

pretty excited about her new bed.
Isaac already showed her how to jump.

Chillin in her bed playing on the iPad. 

I snuck in and she is sound asleep on her bed. 

after night one in her big girl bed we have converted it back to a crib. It was a terrible night and I am not quite ready for this transition. :)