Wednesday, November 28, 2012

big girl bed

Anna climbed out of her crib when she was about 16 months old. That was not ok with us. We figured out a solution which was a sleep sack. She slept in it all the time- for naps and bedtime to keep her from climbing out. She has 3 of them. We also have to put them on backwards so she can't get to the zipper. They now all have holes, tears, knots, etc. Today she was not napping so I went in to check on her. She was on the floor outside of her crib crying because she had just fallen. She managed to get her sleep sack unzipped and get out. So, goodbye sleep sack and goodbye crib. 

I had Jeff convert her crib temporarily until she gets used to it then we will get her big girl bed set up. 

When I put her to bed she got up and walked right out and sat back on the couch and asked for Elmo. I told her Elmo was sleeping and brought her back to bed. I walked her in there and put he in her bed and walked out and closed the door. She cried for about 15-20 minutes and finally fell asleep. She stayed in there the whole time. I went in to check on her later and she was sound asleep in her bed. 

I really hope this transition goes better than when Isaac went through this. We basically had him sleeping in our room at some point in the night for 2 years. Ugh. I was going through his stuff as I was curious to see how old he was when we climbed out. He was about 2 weeks shy of being 2 years old, as well. 

pretty excited about her new bed.
Isaac already showed her how to jump.

Chillin in her bed playing on the iPad. 

I snuck in and she is sound asleep on her bed. 

after night one in her big girl bed we have converted it back to a crib. It was a terrible night and I am not quite ready for this transition. :)

Welcome back, Wantey

We love our elf, Wantey! Isaac has been such a good boy since he has been around! Below is a picture of Isaac talking to him. Telling him about his favorite football teams- Notre Dame, Cowboys, Packers and the 49ers. He also asks Wantey all kinds of questions. So much fun! I love this time of year!

little Notre Dame fans

When my grandma died Isaac was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my cousins little girl, Savarra. Savarra is a couple years older than Isaac but whenever she is in town my aunt makes sure to get them together. They got to go swimming together in Mitchell, as well. Isaac went over there when we got home from Mitchell and he was telling my aunt and uncle and Savarra all about the Notre Dame football team and how they were number one. Savarra drew a picture of a trophy and then they decided to actually make a trophy. My uncle helped them and they had so much fun. The next day they were able to paint the trophy. They sent the trophy home with me and I have plans to send it to the football team very soon. When Savarra was here for Thanksgiving she helped Isaac write a note to the team to send with the trophy. She didn't want to sign the letter so I asked her to take a picture with it. 

ready for change

I felt the need for change. I dove in.... the kids rooms! I haven't done anything with paint in any of the rooms since we moved in over 5 years ago. Anna's room was a green color and Isaac's was tan. I went to the paint store and found some color ideas. I wanted Anna's room to be bright! Isaac wanted to have a Mario theme so we went with a sky blue color. (Now I am ready to paint the kitchen and bathroom... ha ha.)

I found the colors I wanted and called the painter and he was here the next week to put samples on the wall. He came the next week for 2 mornings and he was done! Easy as that. It did have the kids sleeping in other rooms in the house during the paint and drying time. But it really wasn't a big deal.

I am anxious for Anna to get a big girl bed so I can finish up the details in her room. We ordered Isaac some wall decals with Mario and he helped put them all over. I have a couple extra details for him, as well. In time.  

I took before and after pics. check them out. 

Anna before
Anna before

Anna after

Anna after

Isaac before

Isaac before

Isaac after

Isaac after

Isaac after (looks a little different with the flash on the camera)

Monday, November 19, 2012

my grandma's funeral

My grandma died on Tuesday, November 13th in the evening. She had been in the hospital for 2 weeks before her death and everyone had time to prepare as we knew she was in her final stages of life. Even though it was still heartbreaking when she did die. She was 89. I had taken 3 trips to Mitchell while she was in the hospital to spend time with her and to sit with my mom. Isaac knew where I was going and that I was going to see my grandma who was dying. He told his teacher at school and when my grandma died my teacher told him that my grandma was in heaven with Jesus. 

Later, Isaac and I were talking about how my grandma went to heaven  and he said to me, "Mom, your grandma is in heaven with Jesus! I bet it is fun in heaven. I bet they drink lots of coffee and play cards. I think they eat chicken tenders on roast beef."

When it was time to go to Mitchell for her funeral we had the visitation the night before and we were able to view her body. Isaac was very curious. Asking if she could feel us touch her and if she knew we were all there. I explained to him that this was grandma's body but her soul is in heaven- she is in our hearts, always. My mom looked over at one point during the visitation while no one was at her casket and saw Isaac peering in on her with a somber look on his face. 

The next morning we were getting ready to go to the funeral and Isaac asked what we were doing. I explained to him that we were getting ready for the funeral. He was confused, "Mom, we are going to another funeral? We all ready went to the funeral last night." I told him,  "last night was a chance for everyone to come see our family and today was when we celebrate her and then we will bury her." Oh boy this got some strange looks. He said, "Bury her? But mom, I don't want to get my clothes dirty! How much dirt are we going to have to dig up?"

The visitation and funeral were perfect- just what grandma would have wanted. The visitation was a packed house. Most of the grand kids made cookies and we had the great grand kids pass them out in ice cream buckets- just like grandma used to do for us. She would bake us cookies and send them to us in ice cream buckets- a memory all the grand kids share. Suzie and my cousin Nick spoke at the visitation and they both did a really good job. 

The funeral was in Mount Vernon- a small town about 15 miles from Mitchell. It is the town my mom grew up in. The church is very small. Our family filled up that little church on Saturday- what a testament to my grandma. My aunt Jo and great aunt Lois played On Eagles Wings and it was simply amazing. the music filled the church. I bet there wasn't a dry eye in there. I want to freeze that moment in my mind forever. 

The burial was very emotional. My grandpa, mom and all of her siblings showed so much emotion. All of the grandkids were the pall bearers. 

The church in Mt Vernon

grandma's burial

Grandpa with some of his kids and Deb and Sharon

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tickets for Sale!

Life has been crazy around here. My grandma passed away on Tuesday evening (more on this in a different post coming soon). Jeff and I have had a trip booked to Las Vegas to see Garth Brooks this weekend. We didn't know when my grandma's funeral would be so we were just holding tight to our Vegas plans. *on a side note- a couple of weeks ago Garth Brooks announced that the show we were going to was going to be his last show* Anyways, we found out yesterday afternoon that the funeral was going to be Friday night and Saturday morning. The one time that would not work for our Vegas trip. So our wheels started turning, fast. We needed to cancel our flight, hotel and sell the tickets! We felt we needed to get rid of the tickets ASAP since we needed to get them in the mail to whoever bought them so they could have them for the show on Saturday night. 

We put an ad on EBay and I was answering messages on Craigslist. We weren't having much luck. I was talking to my sister in law and she suggested just throwing an ad on Craigslist and see what happened. So I did it. I asked for $650 per ticket and that I needed to sell them ASAP. We had some activity fast! I put my phone number on the ad and my phone started beeping and ringing and my email started dinging, as well. People were contacting me from all over. 

The gal we sold them to was great. She is taking her sister as a surprise. She was having difficulty with her paypal account so Jeff and I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with her. All went through and it was done. Jeff put them in the mail last evening. 

Jeff bought the tickets for about $500 and we sold them for $1300! I do have a feeling we could have sold them for more but we were anxious to get them out of our hands and the state of South Dakota! I told the gal, Kelly to let me know how it is. I am sure she will have an amazing time.

What a crazy experience! Wow, we will never forget this.

Now, Jeff and I need to plan a trip to Vegas! Maybe in the spring.... 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I don't get caught up in the political arguments and I don't feel the need to express and try to prove why I feel my candidate is better. I prefer to keep quiet and listen and make my decision privately. 

However, I do feel it is very important to vote! I also feel it is very important to teach my kids by example. This is why every time there is an election I go vote and take my kids. Sometimes it is a hassle getting out of the house and getting them to listen and sit still but I feel it is so important for them to see this action take place. 

Today was no different. But this is the first big year when both kids were free to move around as they wish (last time Anna was in a car seat). There were lots of people and the gal checking me in told me they have been swamped. So I found my little box to vote in and told the kids to sit on their bottoms and wait. Easy as pie. They didn't even make a peep. They sat and ate their goldfish and waited for me. 

When we were done I let Isaac put the ballot in the box. 

Proud Mommy Moment. 

snack time watching the voters

Isaac got to do the "fun" part. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday in Mitchell

My grandma was admitted into the hospital early last week. She was supposed to get out on Friday and go to the nursing home temporarily until she got better enough to go home. When my mom arrived at the hospital on Friday morning she walked into something she was not expecting. Grandma had taken a big turn for the worse and was unresponsive. I got a call from my mom when I was at Isaac's Halloween party and it was really hard to digest. I sat in the corner of his preschool room holding back the tears. My mom, all of her siblings, my grandpa and their pastor gathered around her hospital bed and said a prayer and sang some songs. Several minutes later my grandma came out of it. Everyone thought this was her time to go. Not this time!

Suzie and I decided to get over to Mitchell on Saturday as we know our days are numbered with Grandma. Grandma slept most of the day when we were there. Several times we would try to wake her up. We would use Sullivan to get her attention and she loved having the baby there. Everyone loved having the baby there. 

I am really happy I was able to spend my Saturday in Mitchell. Thanks to Jeff for not even thinking twice and staying home with the kids all day while I was gone. 

They are hoping to get Grandma into the nursing home tomorrow and seeing how things progress and taking the necessary steps to keep her comfortable in her final stages of life. It is so hard seeing my mom, her siblings and my grandpa go through this. 

Grandma talking to Sullivan.

Halloween 2012

We are kind of continuing on a Halloween tradition I am gathering. We have been doing the same thing over the passed couple of years. 

A couple of days before Halloween we carve pumpkins- this year we did a Sesame Street theme. They turned out really cute, thanks to Jeff. I am quickly realizing I don't have much patience for this activity. I pretty much just clean the guts out and Jeff does the rest.

Jeff carving away

Elmo Pumpkin- Anna loved it!

On Halloween we head over to Jeff's grandparents home to visit and let them see the kids for a little bit. Isaac was such a big help. Since Jeff's grandma had surgery this fall she uses a walker all of the time. We had the kids take a picture with them before we left and her walker ended up on the other side of the room. I was packing up and getting ready to go and I looked over and Isaac was trying to bring the walker back to Cal. Such a nice little boy!

kiddos with Cal and Iver

After we got home from Cal and Iver's we walked down to Alex's house and had dinner before we took the kids out.
Romo walking down to Alex's

My little cheerleader with lots of lipstick.

Walking with Daddy


Anna's first time trick or treating. She would go up to the house and dig around in the bowl for several minutes and not pick anything. If we tried to get her to pick something and go she would have a little meltdown. Isaac was such a big helper, waiting with her while she picked. She only went to a couple of houses and then Jeff took her home to pass out candy.

Isaac and I continued on with Mandy, Shelley and the kids. We covered a couple more blocks and Isaac had enough and was ready to go home. That was ok with me. We have so many kids and young families in our neighborhood that the streets were packed with kids. It was unbelievable.

Trick or Treating

Tony Romo with his favorite Cheerleader

I went to help out at Isaac's school party. I really love doing this and can't wait to do it more once Anna gets into school. It is hard right now finding a sitter during the day- thankfully Suzie is happy to help when it works for her.

Preschool Halloween Party