Sunday, October 14, 2012

pumpkin fest

Today was our last chance to hit the pumpkin fest. It was about 3:30- Anna wasn't napping and the Cowboys lost (boo). Isaac was at his cousins house for a Halloween party. We decided to go get him a little early and head out before it closed. We arrived at 4:15 and it closed at 5. It was the perfect time to go as there were hardly any people and not much for lines. Both kids rode the ponies. They went for a train ride. We all went on a pumpkin hunt. We pulled out of the parking lot at 4:55 and everyone was happy (maybe not Jeff since the Cowboys lost).

Isaac on the pony

Anna on the pony- Jeff assisting.

kids on the train

family pic
(best we got)

love these kiddos!

Anna is using all her strength to bring me this pumpkin. 

Isaac found a big one!

gotta love Anna's hair. Isaac is busy finding pumpkins

All set to go!

home and happy with their pumpkins.