Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guys Weekend

Last year Jeff and I went to a fundraiser for the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. Jeff found a little gem on the silent auction that no one was bidding on. 4 tickets to the Notre Dame football game and a parking pass. I think he got it for under $300. He went back and forth about going or not going and how he would get there and who would go. (The game was during opening hunting weekend. My grandparents 70th wedding anniversary party and the play was in town, Rock of Ages. He didn't mind missing the hunting opener- Suzie and I were able to spend time with our grandparents on their actual anniversary- I found a friend to go with me to Rock of Ages). I found him a ticket to get there using our miles and it was set up. He went with Joe who flew in from Des Moines. Chris Wosje also flew from Sioux Falls. They stayed with Jeff's cousin, Josh who just recently moved to Chicago from Dallas. They had a really great time and awesome seats! They also got to see Notre Dame win the game- they are still undefeated! Fun times. Jeff deserves a fun weekend away after all his hard work in the office and taking care of his awesome wife and kids!