Thursday, September 20, 2012

Isaac's Imagination

The last week or so Isaac has been waking up really early- by 6:15am. I haven't figured it out. He goes to bed every night at the same time- 8pm. Yesterday Jeff asked him why he has been waking up so early and Isaac said, "Luigi is waking me up. He taps me on the back and says it is time to get up." Ok, that is interesting and funny. We told him to tell Luigi to let you sleep in a little bit. 

This morning he finally slept in! He didn't wake up until 7:45. I was really happy about this. This was our conversation:

Me- Did Luigi finally let you sleep in?
Isaac- Mom, Luigi is out of town.
Me- Oh really, where is he?
Isaac- Seattle
Me- Awesome, when will he be home?
Isaac- 15 days

Isaac also told us tonight that Mario is 8 and Luigi is 6. 

He is hilarious. Maybe Luigi is his imaginary friend?