Sunday, September 30, 2012


On Friday afternoon I heard that a couple of our friends- Chris Wosje and Brian Hines were going down to Lincoln for the football game on Saturday. I came up with a little plan. When Jeff got home from work I asked him if he would be up for going to Lincoln and have a quick 24 hours away. He thought it was a joke.... but it wasn't! We made a couple calls and dropped the kids off at Alex and Mandy's Saturday at noon and were on the road. We went tailgating with some of Jeff's college friends. Jeff and I went to the football game that evening. We went back to the tailgating party for a little bit longer before we called it a night. We were back in Sioux Falls by noon today.

It was really fun and really last minute! Love it when that kind of stuff works out. These little weekends away really give us the opportunity to get back to just us. That is my favorite part of the whole thing!

my first Nebraska football game

Go Big Red