Thursday, September 20, 2012


On Wednesday morning I finally had the chance to actually do something with Anna. Isaac had plans to go to his friends house after school so I didn't have the normal rush to pick him up at 11. Most kid things in Sioux Falls don't open until 10 so by the time I get there we have to be packed up and in the car by 10:45. If you know, I hate being late to anything. So we usually just stay home- which is ok. 

Wednesday morning Suzie and Sullivan met us at the Butterfly House. We had fun. Anna enjoyed checking out the butterflies and walking around and around talking about the water, butterflies and baby (Sully). We spent about 25 minutes in there and then she started getting really crabby. I figured it out- the heat got to her. It is hot and humid in there. We took her out and brought her to the reading room where she was able to play some more. 

It is fun doing things one on one with her. When Isaac was this age we were always out and about. 

Speaking of Anna- she is slowly becoming my sweet little girl. I was telling Suzie- a few months ago she would come behind you and yank your hair or bite you. Now she comes behind you and puts her arms around you and gives you a hug. She loves to give hugs. Her favorite part of Kindermusik is the 4 minutes when we have quiet time and she lays right on the blanket and just enjoys the few minutes when I rub her back... There is hope for her! 

Anna checking out the butterfly

Suzie and Sullivan


Anna checking out those butterflies

Suzie has a butterfly on her arm.