Friday, September 14, 2012

Another use for glue...

On Tuesday we had a day full of much needed rain! I posted a picture on instagram of Anna playing in puddles and my girlfriend who lives right down the street from me suggested we come over after school so the kids can play in puddles. Perfect idea! We loaded up the wagon and were in our rain boots and rain jackets. Anna was playing with the big kids and they were playing in the puddles and making mud piles. Anna was walking on the road and must have lost balance in her rain boots. As she was falling she lost balance again and the first thing to hit the road was her forehead. I didn't think it was a big deal as she falls often. This time was different. I went over and picked her up and blood was everywhere. We brought her inside and cleaned her up. We figured everything was fine because it quit bleeding. We packed up and headed home. I stopped on the way to see what my neighbors thought about taking her in. Everyone seemed pretty indifferent about it. Yes, bring her in because you don't want a scar on her face. No, don't bring her in- she will be fine and her hair will cover the scar. So I took her in. They didn't have to stitch it, thankfully. They just used special glue to get it back together. She said there will probably be a scar but not as bad. She was a trooper. 

best picture I could get. It was worse than this.

Isaac- big brother 

after they glued it back together.