Sunday, September 2, 2012

6th Anniversary at the Dakota Bowl

Yesterday Jeff and I celebrated Anniversary #6 at the Dakota Bowl. (We did get to go to dinner just the 2 of us on Friday night). Jeff is on the committee so he spent the day at there. I brought the kids after Anna's nap. They always have a great time with all their friends running around playing. 

This year it was really hard with Anna. She was all over the place. Tailgating with her was fine but once we got into the game it was kind of a nightmare. Jeff took her out to the field for a little bit and just had to be down with her as she would not sit still. I have a feeling next year it will be much easier with her. 

Isaac on the other hand did a really good job. He loved all the pre game entertainment- the skydivers trying to land of the 50 yard line to the football players warming up. He had all kinds of questions. He went out on the field with Jeff to give the football players a high five as they were running in. He thought it was pretty awesome. He kept saying to me; "Mom, this is my first football game!" I had to remind him over and over that it was not his first football game- he has been going to the Dakota Bowl every year since he has been born. 

It is a good thing Jeff and I are both O'Gorman alumni or we may not understand the love of our high school. We were just fine celebrating the big #6 with all of our O'Gorman peeps! It is also fun watching Isaac become excited about O'Gorman as he will be there in a few years! 

Go Knights!

6 years!

Jeff and Isaac are the 2 guys in white in the back.

Future OG Knights!