Friday, September 14, 2012

5 minutes

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and her 3 (ages 5, 3, 8 months) kids came over for dinner. Her husband was working late and Jeff was out of town so it was a good night for it. We were chatting and feeding the kids and Anna was having some applesauce. The next thing we know- The applesauce was everywhere, the kids were hungry and whining and it was crazy. She made this comment, "ahh this is the chaos that I'm not sure I can handle" (or something along those lines). I told her what I tell myself several times a week when life gets hectic; "take a deep breath and remind yourself that this little moment will be a thing of the passed in 5 minutes and just get through it." That was the end of it. I kind of forgot about the whole experience and conversation

This morning we had our kids together and we were chatting. She told me that she had been with her sister earlier this week who has a 2 year old and was just having a hard day. She told her sister about my little words of wisdom - 5 minutes - and she thought it was a really good outlook. 

It feels good that I figured out something that works for me. I was able to share it and make life a little bit easier for someone else.