Monday, August 27, 2012

back to school!

With us being gone in Seattle, Isaac missed his first week and a half of school. So this morning was his first day of school. He had a hard time waking up as our schedule is all messed up from being on a different time zone. But we got him going and off to school. Jeff took him and said it was no big deal. He was really excited to see all of his friends. He has the same teacher as he had last year. He is just now going three mornings a week instead of two. When I picked him up he and Anna shared a long hug- I think Anna is going to miss her big brother. Anna and I started Kindermusik this morning so it will be fun to have an activity for the two of us to do while Isaac is at school.

First day of 4 year old preschool.
Isaac 4 1/2. Anna 20 months

Isaac excited to get back to school!


We just got home from a big trip to Seattle. We spent 8 days in a beautiful home we rented right on Lake Washington. It was perfection. Jeff, Joe and Dave climbed Mount Ranier for 3 days during our stay. Enjoy all the pictures. We got so much accomplished during our vacation. 

Isaac and Jeff playing at the house

This became the "candy tree." It bloomed
everyday around lunch time. It was a hit

Pike's Place Market with the tin man

Fresh Fish at the market

beautiful flowers at the market

Isaac whistled with these guys in front of the original Starbucks.
He was a hit!

Our group at the Twins vs Mariners game

Kristy and Scott's home. Check out the view of the Space Needle 

Suzie and I on our own for 3 days

Seattle Aquarium

So fun. This scuba diver was feeding the fish
and was interacting with all the kids outside of the tank

Seattle Children's Museum

Kids ready for the spool (spa pool)

Walking to the park with all kids in tow

Swing at the park. Kids loved it but
we all walked aways with bruises.
(and some tears)

Dave-Jeff-Joe Summit Mount Ranier!

Guys and kids in the spool

Ride the Duck tour.

Kristy and Isaac on the Duck tour.
Perfectfor Isaac.

Anna decided to take a nap on Grandpa during the Duck tour

Dave- Suzie-Sullivan on the Duck tour

Space Needle

Joe and Kristy with my kids 

on top of the Space Needle

Happy Anniversary John and Linda!
Such a fun night eating dinner on top of the Space Needle

Isaac and I on the kayak on Lake Washington. 

Group shot on our last night in Seattle

Oliver Family

Ended the trip with some s'mores!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Connelly Family reunion and more

This passed weekend was jam packed fun! We had a Connelly family reunion in Minneapolis on Saturday so my whole family went. We left Friday early to hit Valleyfair for the day. We met Alex's family and Sam's family there. We spent 7 hours there. The kids were total troopers. It worked out really well as Jeff and I would trade off and go ride rides with Sophia and the little ones stayed back. Isaac's favorite part was the live entertainment with the singers and dancers. 

Saturday morning we went to Owen's hockey game and then to the Connelly family reunion- 175 people were there and I didn't know anyone. It was a beautiful day and it was fun to see all of these relatives. 

Saturday evening we went to the Twins game. It was a great time! My dad got a suite for everyone and it was really nice having the room for the kids to run around.

Sunday morning we went to my Aunt Patty's to have breakfast and to meet her new puppy, Juno. Such a cute Golden Retriever. The kids went nuts over her! Oh my gosh...

Enjoy the pics! 
Jeff and Sophia on Steel Venom

Sophia and I on The Wild Thing

Live Entertainment- Isaac's favorite

Isaac-Cappy-Hudson with the Peanuts crew

Grandma Mary-Capri-Isaac at the reunion

Suzie with some of the kids at the reunion

Hudson-Isaac-Cappy at the Twins game

My parents at the game

My family at the game


Owen and Sophia



group picture

Aunty Patty and my Dad

Isaac and Cappy- sleepovers both nights


kids loving on Juno

Isaac- right after Juno attacked him with kisses