Tuesday, January 31, 2012

warm welcome

When Jeff and I came home from the East Coast in the fall we had a big welcome sign in the garage. I kept it up. Every time I look at this sign it makes me smile and reminds me of the week.
When we got home from Mexico last night there was another sign in front of my car. Another welcome home sign. So fun! Isaac loves it.
Thanks, Suzie. For making our homecoming so fun!

I don't think these signs will every come down.


Last weekend Jeff and I went to Mexico with 15 other people. We were invited by some friends who were celebrating their 10 year anniversary. It was an absolute blast from the minute we landed in Cancun until we came home. We were with such an awesome group of people. We spent the long weekend in the Riviera Maya.

The pictures aren't in any special order. Kind of a random sample. We spent lots of time by the pool at the resort. We spent an entire day on a catamaran. They took us out on the water and we snorkeled and went "flying". Jeff and I also spent a morning swimming with dolphins.

We are going to do something like this for our 10 year anniversary. Somewhere tropical and invite all of our friends and family. It was so awesome!

This is the view from our room. Resort pool with the ocean in the background.
Jeff and I snorkeling
Jeff snorkeling
Catamaran-so fun!
Jeff and one of the catamaran crew

Look at all those fish!
More fish
Jeff flying
Me flying.
The guys on the catamaran
Lounging at the pool
Jeff and the dolphin
The dolphin and me
Lunch after the catamaran!
Group on the catamaran.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

capturing their smile

Tomorrow morning Jeff and I are going to Mexico with some friends. So today when the kids were eating lunch I captured one last big smile with my phone so I have that to look at over the weekend when we are away. As much as I want a little break I am still going to miss these two little loves of mine!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

daddy time

I know this is a favorite time of the day, for everyone. When Jeff gets home from work he lays on the floor and the kids get all of his attention. The phone is put away and the TV is off. They just hang on him and jump on him and wrestle around. Isaac does new tricks and Jeff helps him try more. Anna just lays on him and gets tackled. I know Jeff loves it, too. (Right, JEFF??)

These 2 kids are sure lucky to have such an awesome daddy!

sweet moments

A couple pictures the last couple of days has really captured a couple sweet moments. Since the weather has turned cold we have had to make due with the things we have in our home to entertain the kids. We play a lot more downstairs and in Isaac's room.

Here is a picture of Anna this morning rocking in the rocking chair. She rocks and smiles and loves it. She is also into spinning around in circles and falling down and laughs and laughs. She loves Ozzy and loves Isaac. She has gotten 4 molars in the last month. What a trooper.

This picture below was taken last night before Jeff got home from work. Isaac brought my a bunch of books and I was reading them to the kids and they both listened so close and I had pure attention for all of about 5 minutes. Then they wanted to read to themselves and it was pure quiet for all of about 5 minutes. I loved every minute.

I am such a lucky mom to be able to spend my days with these 2 kids. I really do love them like crazy even when times are totally hectic. Their laughs bring such a smile to my face.

flu bug

Our entire family got hit with the flu bug last week (even Suzie). I am talking big time. It was terrible. Isaac was the first one to get it. He came in our room in the middle of the night and was really sick. The only place he could rest comfortably was in my bathroom. Which actually was the best because then I could change his towels as needed and the mess was confined to one space. Anna got it next. I got it the worst and Jeff just had it enough to understand the pain everyone else experienced. We have never had this before in the almost 4 years as parents so it was not very fun.

I snapped this picture at about 1am when Isaac was at his worst. Poor kid. Broke my heart.

Thankfully we are all back to normal now.

walking outside in January

Suzie and I went for a big walk last Sunday on the bike trails. It was cold and windy but it was totally bearable... and especially bearable because we don't usually spend more than a few minutes outside in January because it is so cold. While we were on our walk we snapped a picture to send to mom because she would be with us if she wasn't in Coronado.

Well, I am happy to say we took a walk last weekend because this weekend it is freezing and being outside is dangerous.

Winter is here...

Friday, January 13, 2012

this moment

Joining Soulemama in {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Following in Isaac's footsteps...

I remember when Isaac started going to Miss Jaspers house like it was last week. I anticipated it for days before he started and when I dropped him off I hung around for like a half hour and he cried and wouldn't let go of me. I remember walking to my car crying myself. Miss Jaspers house is a place kids go for toddler time. It is run by a lady in town who has a passion for kids. I love everything about it.

When Anna was born I told Miss Jasper to put her on the list for when she is old enough. So, I got a call from her on Wednesday saying she had an opening for Anna! She said I could wait until spring or I could get her in right now, I chose to go for it. I asked her when she would start and she said, tomorrow! Oh my gosh, I had a lot to process in that few minutes and I committed. I brought Anna the next morning and she was very clingy and didn't want to venture very far from me. After about 10 minutes she started to explore a little but kept coming back to me. Finally, when she was exploring I left. I didn't turn back. I didn't even cry in the car, I went and enjoyed my 90 minutes of freedom.

When I went back to pick her up Miss Jasper told me she did ok. She just had to be held the whole time. Which was fine. I am happy I am starting her now because I really do believe the earlier you start these routines and activities the better it is for everyone.

The funny thing is that when I picked Isaac up from school he couldn't wait to pick Anna up and to say hi to Miss Jasper. He didn't want to go to lunch, he just wanted to go get Anna. So, we went and got her about 45 minutes early. It was pretty sweet. He told Anna that morning how much fun Miss Jasper's house is.

So, now it's Anna's turn. Following in her brothers footsteps...

A few of my faves

When we were in Arizona for Christmas we had family pictures taken. We got them back this week I and wanted to share of few of my favorites... There were actually a lot that really turned out cute. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hunting with Daddy!

This year in Dallas Isaac got to go hunting with Daddy. A few months ago Jeff was getting ready to go hunting and Isaac thought his clothes were really silly and now Isaac knows why Jeff dresses like that. Isaac got all bundled up and off they went. It was really fun to watch them go and I know Jeff was grinning ear to ear. He sent me a few pics. Isaac with the puppies and Isaac with a bird. Jeff said he did really well and walked one field. Then he spent the rest of the time in the bus with the bigger kids. I know Isaac is already excited to do this again in the future!

NYE 2011

This year for New Years we headed west to Dallas, South Dakota. We have gone there most years except for last year because Anna was brand new and the weather was terrible. So this year we went back and boy oh boy did Isaac have fun. Anna had fun. Jeff and I had fun. It was a great weekend! We did plenty of relaxing and chatting with the other families. There were 8 families this year. 16 adults and 16 kids. Isaac had so much fun with all of the kids. Once the kids went to bed the adults had their own fun!