Friday, April 29, 2011

Isaac goes to the dentist!

Isaac had his first dentist appointment yesterday. I was very nervous calling to schedule this appointment as I was not sure what to expect. His dentist is my cousins husband so I was definitely more comfortable with everything. We when arrived I was filling out paperwork and the hygienist called him back and he walked right on back without me. I had mixed emotions... (I know I am going to look back at this post in the future and think how silly I am to be writing about this- but right now it is a big deal!) So I finished up the paperwork as Dr. Nick came up to the front and said hi to me and I am sure he could sense my nerves. They told me I could go back and watch so this is what I saw when I walked back there.

My 3 year old listening to the hygienist and opening wide. There was TV with cartoons on, too- which I am sure helped the situation. I just sat back and watched her work and take x-rays- yes he let them take x-rays! I heard her tell him to open wide like an alligator and then to bite down and hold really still and he listened to every word she said....why doesn't he listen to me like that.. ha! Then after she was finished I went over to him and told him how proud I was.

Here are the x-rays she took. No cavities! They said his teeth look great! So proud!

Then Dr Nick came in to put vitamins on his teeth and he followed directions and let them put the sucker thing in his mouth and he didn't freak out at all. He opened wide like an alligator and let them cover all his teeth.

Such a big boy. He did such a good job. He always pulls through in situations like this. It was definitely a PROUD MOMMY MOMENT!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I miss you, naps.

Right before Isaac turned 3 we were really struggling with getting him to nap. One day I spent an hour and a half to get him to nap and Jeff spent an hour and a half getting him to sleep that same night. We came to the decision that if it is taking us 3 hours to get him to sleep it is not worth our time. We spend most of the day fighting with him to sleep than we do anything else. So we cut the naps out. Life is totally different. Instead of a 10pm bed time and him up at 6am he is now asleep by 8pm and up after 7am (most days). He still does sneak in our room in the middle of the night and climb in the middle- but that is about it. So- I really miss the down time during the day but I have enforced quiet time and we just stay on the couch and watch a show or 2- but most days he doesn't nap. So, it is working out well and we (Jeff and I) are loving the down time from 8pm on when both kids are sleeping.

Anna is still sleeping well- She went to bed last night at 730pm and I didn't go back into her room until 630am!

Easter 2011

Easter started at 6am for us. We decided to head to the 8am church service since both kids were up and ready. I am just saying- we need to go to church more. Isaac was saying the funniest things about God and wondering where he was (he thought he was the priest). Then during the offering I let him bring the money to the front like the kids do and he decided to stay up there and not come back. The priest had to tell him to go back to his seat. Now that he is starting school in the fall we need to get in the habit...

After church the Easter bunny left some baskets for the kids and Isaac was really excited about all the goodies.

We headed to my sister in law's sisters farm for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Isaac loved it. He also went on a 4 wheel ride with Alex. This is the second year we have gone out there and we are so lucky to be invited!

We came home for a couple of hours and took advantage of the beautiful day and Isaac took his bike for a spin. He had several wipe outs including one when he flew over his handle bars (thank God I was inside and didn't see it) but all in all it was great and he went about 6 blocks on his bike.

We went to my parents for pizza and another Easter egg hunt in the evening. Isaac couldn't get the jelly beans in his mouth fast enough.

We had a great day!



Anna woke up from her nap last week and before I could turn my head Isaac was in there with her. As soon as he comes around she stops crying- it is amazing and so fulfilling. It is also amazing how well Isaac is with her. I do keep a close eye, but he rarely does anything to harm/hurt her. He is so good with her. As you can see he loves to read to her and talk to her. I love it. I am a very proud mom.

Easter Eggs

Last week we dyed Easter eggs with Isaac. He loved it. His favorite part was mixing all the colors, not surprise there.

Monday, April 18, 2011

4 months and 3 year Dr's appointment

Today we had to go to the Dr for both Isaac and Anna. Everything went very well. Both kids checked out healthy. So that makes us happy.

Here are the stats for Anna.

Weight: 14lbs 8oz (75%)
Height: 24.5 inches (55%)
Head Size: 16.25 inches (55%)Isaac has finally caught up. He has always come in very low on the percentage scale but not this time! Here are his stats.

Weight: 29lbs 2oz (45%)
Height: 37 inches (50%)

Cheers to healthy, growing kids!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Look at that chubby little baby- love it! She is 4 months old now. We go to the Dr tomorrow for Anna's 4 month appointment and Isaac's 3 year appointment. Should be interesting! I'll post stats tomorrow.

Happy Kids!


We all spend a lot of time with Suzie. Isaac loves her to pieces and Anna loves her, too. Dave and Suzie took Isaac and Hudson to Rio today and they all had a great time. What would my kids do without their daily dose of Suzie! Lucky kids.

mascara mess

Isaac thinks it is cute and funny to get in my mascara and put it on his nose- not sure where he comes up with this stuff. He and Sophie got into it last time she came over. I am sure Nicki loves how Isaac teaches Sophie the naughty things he does. Never a dull moment.

Alaska 2008

I was looking at old pics from Alaska and Thought I would Share. I cant believe how cute Isaac was and look how blue those eyes were! Ugh, where does the time go?

teddy bear outfit

Here is Isaac wearing the Teddy Bear outfit when he was 4 months old in AlaskaHere is Anna wearing the same one last week- Amazing!

Friday, April 15, 2011


6pm- Anna is asleep. I go out with some old work friends and Jeff and Isaac are eating dinner.
7pm- Anna wakes up and Jeff puts her in the swing.
8pm- Anna is awake again.
830pm- Jeff texts me asking when I will be home because Anna is starting to fuss.
840pm- I am home.
9pm- Anna back to sleep in her room and Isaac goes to bed
1am- Anna is awake and I go right to her because I don't want her to wake Isaac like she did the previous night. I get her back to sleep.
3am- Isaac is at my side with his friends (stuff animals) and blankets trying to get in bed next to me.
5am- Isaac wakes me up because he has to go potty
6am- Anna is awake. I turn off the monitor in our room and go right to her so she wont wake the house up.
7am- The time right now. I am playing with her and watching the sun come up while the rain is hitting the windows and I long for the days we used to sleep in on rainy days. No wonder why I am exhausted come 2pm. I am patiently waiting for Jeff to wake up so I can go snooze for another half hour before he goes to work. I know this phase of our life is going to be a distant memory in a few short years.
The one positive note- HAPPY FRIDAY!
(lets hope tonight goes better than last night)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lovely day

I think the temp reached 70 degrees today! We were outside for most of the day and it was wonderful. We started off by meeting a friend at the park for a picnic and we ended up staying for 2 hours. As you can see in the picture above I had both kids swinging. They were both very happy to be outside. After the park we came home for some quiet time (naps are rare these days) and then we went back out to play with the neighbors until dinner. After dinner Isaac played with Suzie and Jeff until it was bath time. Both kids sleeping by 8. Love it, what a great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

zoo with 2

So last week I took Isaac and Anna to the zoo to meet some other moms and kids. It is hard going on outings with 2 kids. So here is what happened- all was going great until the very end when I was ready to go. Guess what- keys are GONE! I couldn't find them anywhere. I was starting to sweat and panic, just a little bit. Lisa was still there so she took both kids inside and I made a lap around the zoo (good thing our zoo isn't huge) and lucky me- I found them on the opposite end where I stopped to feed Anna. So then while I unpacked my bag looking for my keys Isaac grabbed my camera and had it while I was on my keys search. I came back into the museum part of the zoo where Isaac and his friends were playing and we gathered our things and left. I was almost home and realized Isaac never gave me back my camera and he didn't have it. I asked him where it was and he said it was still at the zoo. So I called the zoo and lucky me- again, the zoo worker's wife is Isaac's teacher on Thursdays so we just arranged for him to bring the camera home that evening since Isaac was going to school the next day.
So taking 2 kids on an outing is really hectic and chaotic. I am getting better and getting braver, but it is taking time. Last time I took them both somewhere by myself Isaac went missing and it was one of the scariest moments of my life (he was hiding from me upstairs at the gymnastics place).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Visitor!

Uncle Joe came to visit from Des Moines for the weekend! He got here about 9pm on Friday night and Isaac was still awake. As soon as Joe got here Isaac jumped in his arms and stayed there for about a half hour. He had a great time with Joe. Both mornings Isaac wanted to go wake him up but we made him wait until 8am and then he roared him to wake him up and they played and played. Isaac thinks Uncle Joe is pretty special. We cant wait til the summer when we will see him at the lake. Thanks for coming, Joe!

Isaac is 3!

Isaac turned 3 on Friday, April 1st. I cant believe we have a 3 year old. It is going so fast and he is a riot and a handful all at the same time. He is my wild child. He is an entertainer. He loves to push all our buttons. He is such a little lover. He is so sweet to his sister. He is a mommy's boy. I could go on an on, we love him to pieces.
Jeff and I took him to get a new bike on his birthday and to my surprise he got it down very fast. In the picture above is him cruising down our sidewalk.
Isaac got a really fun gift from Aunt Kristy- Jeff got it all put together and it is honestly helping him with his bike skills. It is a stationary bike that you hook up to the tv and you can play interactive games on it. He asks to go downstairs to play even more! Thanks Kristy and Scott!
Our little family at Isaac's Birthday party. He requested Whales and Dolphins on his cake- just like Shamu at Sea World. He was really excited when he saw it. Love the little excitements in life with this kid.
Birthday singing!
Isaac and his cousins (my side)
After everyone left the Birthday party My Aunt Jo and Uncle Pat stayed and pulled out the guitars. Isaac loves these 2 like crazy. It is really fun when they come around. They played music and Isaac played along with them. He even got them to play Justin Bieber's Baben, Baben (Baby, Baby, Baby). He was entertained for a long time.
Below is Isaac playing several instruments with Jo- love it!