Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleeping through the night!

Guess who is sleeping through the night........

That's right! Miss Anna is sleeping through the night! 2 nights in a row now! She is such a good baby. She is also getting a tooth- poor thing.

Florida - Day 5

Our last day of our trip we hopped in the miniman and drove to Clearwater to watch a Twins Spring Training game against the Phillies. It was hot out there! It was fun and Isaac got to see the twins hit 2 homeruns!

After some time at the game we hit the beach. I found a beach in the Garmin called Honeymoon Beach and off we went. It was beautiful- the water was blue and the sand was white.

Isaac making sand angels.
the four of us on the beach
Anna's first time in the ocean
Jeff and Isaac swinging
Anna hanging out- kinda tricky keeping the sun away from her with zero shade on the beach.
Loving it! Loving life!

Florida - Day 4

During the day we hung out by the pool and relaxed. We headed to Downtown Disney around dinner time. We really had a good time at Downtown Disney. There was lots of entertainment and Isaac got to dance to the live music- this kid loves the music.
We went into the Disney Store and saw these Woody cowboy hat and knew we were sold.
Isaac and his buddy, Buzz.
A couple of Isaac's school friends from Miss Jaspers House happened to be in Florida the same time we were. We met them at Downtown Disney. Isaac and the boys ran around in circles playing tag for about an hour. All the kids were wiped out and exhausted. Our mission was accomplished!
Dad of the year!
Isaac and his very own Mickey- life is good.

Florida - Day 3

We attempted Sea World on the 3rd day. We were there in time to hit up the 1pm Shamu Show and the look on Isaac's face when the whales did the first jump was pure awesome!
Anna- our little trooper!
Isaac enjoying some entertainment.
Isaac had to see the penguin exhibit. He loves the movie, Happy Feet. This was right before he had a major meltdown. No nap and nonstop going for 2 days caught up with him right after this.
He passed out on Jeff before we could even get out of the park, Thank God! It was a brutal meltdown.

Florida - Day 2 (part 2)

We had to wait an especially long time for Isaac to meet Woody and Jessie (from Toy Story). It was all worth it once the time came. I am not sure if it was because Isaac was starting to run on exhaustion or he was just really happy to meet them but as soon as he got up to Woody he just fell into his arms and they hugged for about 2 minutes straight. It was really sweet.
Then he saw Jessie and he did the exact same thing. Woody and Jessie were so good to him they just let him be. Isaac is the best hugger and they got the best of Isaac. It was priceless.
Jessie saw Anna and me off in the corner watching and she made her way over to say hi to Anna. It was so sweet! Made my day.
Our favorite characters by far- Woody and Jessie!

The one thing I was most pleased about during the entire Magic Kingdom experience was meeting the characters. We had to wait awhile to meet them but once we got there they gave us plenty of time to say hi and take pictures. It was great.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Florida- Day 2 (part 1)

Day 2 in Florida was filled with all things Disney World- Magic Kingdom! We had fun touring around and checking it out. It was my first time at Disney so it was pretty cool seeing it all for the first time.
This picture below sums up the whole day. Isaac waving during the parade at all the characters. I am not going to lie- during the parade I was overcome with emotion and couldn't stop the tears. Isaac was so excited every time a character would come by he would jump up and down (as you can see he is on my shoulders). He would scream and yell with excitement and clap his hands and wave at everyone. It was so awesome and that moment made the whole trip unforgettable. I just want to capture that moment and never let it go.
Jeff and Anna hanging out. She was the ultimate trooper during the whole trip. Slept great and hung in there for everything. Half the time we didn't even know she was there.
Here we all are with Mickey and Minnie

Florida - Day 1

The first day in Florida we basically just got adjusted and acquainted with our living quarters for the week. The hotel had 2 big pools and we loved it! Not bad considering it was in the 80's everyday. It took Isaac just a few minutes before he was swimming on his own (with his life jacket of course)

Later that evening we went down to the Universal CityWalk where there was entertainment and food. We wondered around for a while to wear Isaac out before bedtime. Here is a picture of Jeff and the kids in front of the Miniman (as Isaac called it). Jeff's dream come true to have a minivan. I must say, it was a pretty sweet ride. The 2 back doors and the trunk open with a click of a button- loved it.
Here we are in front of the Universal Studios sign. Fun stuff!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day

I got both kids decked out in green today!
My Irish Babies

ups and downs

Is this the story of a preschooler or what.....

happy one minute.
sad the next.

Anna - 3 Months

Anna is now 3 months old! I know I say over and over how fast she is growing up but I honestly cant get over it. She had a big day yesterday- not only did she turn 3 months old but she rolled over! Big girl! This morning she rolled from her back to her front and then from her front to her back. It is all going so fast. She is also on a sleeping schedule- I put her down between 8 and 830. She is up around 4am to eat and the she wakes up everyday at 730am on the dot! So crazy. We all love her to pieces.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anna and her froggy friend

birthday bowling!

Suz and I turned the big 31 on Monday. I am here to tell you first that 31 was not nearly as much fun as 21- ha! Although we did have fun with family at the bowling alley. Like usual, the kids had a great time. When I asked Isaac what his favorite part of the night was he said it was chasing cap. Those kids sure have fun together!



(notice the 2 balls going down....oops. had to call for help)


construction zone

As you may or may not know the neighborhood we live in is a new development. We were one of the first houses out here 4 years ago. Last week they started building a house right behind us. It will probably be a long, loud, dirty next 3-4 months for us but it will be worth it. Isaac is loving all the big machines and loves watching the builders.

bubble tubby with cap!