Sunday, January 30, 2011

little moment

I know Isaac is growing up and becoming a crazy little man- hard to believe he starts preschool in the fall. When he was younger he was such a snuggler and a lover. Now it is hard to get him to stop long enough to say hi and give a high five. But there was a small glimmer of the younger Isaac this morning. I have to share this little moment that melted my heart- and I know no matter how much he grows up he will still have that lover in him that I loved so much when he was younger.

This morning I woke to feed Anna at about 4am. After I got her back in her crib and I was trying to fall asleep I heard little footsteps come across the house and knew Isaac was heading into our room as he sometimes does to snooze with us until morning. He climbed in our bed and got really close to me- as usual. Anna started to fuss and I pulled her in bed and had her laying on my stomach trying to sooth her. Isaac must have still been awake as he reached over and held her hand. It was a little moment but it melted my heart. These are the moments that being a mom make it all worth it.

I love you, Isaac.

Rock Royalty

Anna got this little outfit from her Aunt Mandy for Christmas. I had to take a couple pics! I think the fact that I have a girl set in after seeing her wear this outfit. Hilarious.

Anna - 6 weeks

Sweet little Anna at 6 weeks. She is growing so fast! I cant believe it and I want her to stay little an enjoy these moments. I just know it is going to go way too fast.

snowy days

It was warm enough to be outside again so as soon as Jeff came home from work or Suzie came over to play we got Isaac bundled up and sent him out to burn off some energy!
rolling around in the snow.
Helping dad shovel.
building things and making snow angels.
Suzie buried him.

We love the tub

The highlight of tubby day is the tub. Both kids love to take tubs and Isaac loves to help Anna in the tub....
And when she gets out he hops in!
pure joy!


Suz had the idea to take Isaac to a movie last week and we told her to go for it! It turned out way better than any of us imagined. She said he sat still the entire movie and she forgot he was there at times. Way to go, Isaac! She took him to the movie, Tangled. She took a couple of pics with her phone, so the quality isn't the best but you get the idea. Thanks, Suz!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

me and my kids

I don't get on this side of the camera very often. Here is a pic of me and my little loves.


This is what it would be like to have twins. A friend of ours had a baby on Dec 22nd and we went over for a visit. Here Suzie is holding Hazel and Anna. 2 sweet baby girls born just 6 days apart. I am not sure I could imagine having twins! Not sure how my mom did it.

pretend puppy

Isaac's new thing is pretending to be a dog and wanting us to take him and ozzy for walks around the house. It is quite comical and he loves it. He barks and pants and does tricks for us, too. It is pretty nice having him on a leash! haha.

Anna - 5 weeks

Anna is 5 weeks now and getting bigger and bigger everyday. She has started this fussy business at night from about 7-9pm. She doesn't fuss the whole time but she is more fussy during this time. It gets hard at times and since I am breastfeeding I am pretty much the only one who can help her. I have been pumping so others can help with feedings but she wont take a bottle during this time. We are figuring it out. She is a little dolly loved by everyone who meets her!

Monday, January 17, 2011

piggy bank

Isaac got this piggy bank when he was a baby. We have been adding change and bills to it over the last couple of years. Every time a grandma or aunt or anyone gives him money we throw it in the bank. He has recently become quite interested in it and loves to play with the change. I thought now is a good time to make a trip to the bank and put it all in his account to try to teach him a little lesson. We will save the money and when he gets bigger and wants to make a special purchase he can with the money HE has saved. I hope it works! It will be fun to see how much money we have collected over the last few years.

new baby = food-food-food!

We have been so spoiled the last few weeks with wonderful meals delivered to our door by family and friends. People have brought over soups, roasts, chicken and veggies, ham and scalloped potatoes, and on and on. It is wonderful! We are so blessed. Thank you!


Sorry, you'll have to turn your head to view this picture.

It is hard to get Isaac to sit still long enough to take a picture with his sister. I usually have to bribe him with fruit snacks. Here are the kids this morning. I love how Isaac holds her hand- such a lover.


On Saturday we took Isaac bowling. It was his first time bowling and he has asked to go back ever since. He must have had fun. My mom and Hudson came, too. It was a good activity out of the house. It is fun now that he is getting a little older we can do these kind of activities.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

my busy toddler

Here are a few random pictures of Isaac over the last week. He is busy being a busy boy. He has really transitioned well with Anna. I am so thankful for my mom, sister, sister in law, Jeff and just friends in general who have really helped. He usually has a play date with a friend one morning a week (without me) and my mom has been taking him to Miss Jaspers so I don't have to load up the car with both kids- it has been freezing here so it is best to stay in with the baby. Overall I am really proud of my big boy. He continues to amaze me and make me laugh everyday.

Here he is just coming in from helping Jeff snowblow...
look at those red cheeks!
If I don't keep a close eye on him around Anna this is what I find.
He takes her out of her bouncer and holds her

silly boy

Anna - 4 weeks

Hard to believe this little girl has been in our lives for just 4 weeks. She fits right in! She is doing really well. Continues to nurse and sleep very well. I am a much nicer mom when I get sleep, that is for sure! (the sleeper she is wearing today is something Isaac wore when he was this age. love it)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anna - 3 Weeks

Anna is 3 weeks old today. She is up about 2 times per night and sleeps a lot during the day. A friend told me tonight she is starting to look more like Isaac. I wonder if she will keep the dark hair of if it will get blonde like Isaac's. We are pretty lucky to have such a sweet little girl in our lives. Hard to think of what life was like before she arrived.


Anna had her first full body tubbie last weekend. She didn't hardly fuss a bit.

We are working on potty training with Isaac- it is really hit or miss. He seems to do really well during the day when I am home with him but once Jeff gets home he seems to have more accidents. He looks so old with his big boy underwear on!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sleep. sleep. sleep.

Life is rough for this newby!

We had her 2 week appointment and she is 8lbs 10oz. She is 20 1/2 inches long.
This puts her in the 60% in both departments. She is growing fast!

Monday, January 3, 2011

minutes old

Here are pictures of both kids just minutes old. Do they look alike?

Isaac (4/1/08)

Anna (12/16/10)