Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anna's first boat ride

Isaac and Anna have one thing in common- they both fall asleep on the boat! We took Anna on her first boat ride yesterday and within 15 minutes of leaving the cabin Isaac was sleeping. Then about 15 minutes later Anna was sleeping. Now we know how to get them down for naps. Besides falling asleep Anna was a total trooper on the boat. Hardly made a noise and just enjoyed the rocky windy ride.

big tubby!

Anna is too big for her infant bath and too small for the real bath. She can't quite sit on her own yet. I threw the bumbo seat in the tub and let her and Isaac play. They both loved it! She splashed and kicked and just didn't stop moving the whole time and Isaac loved having a playmate in the tub! It is definitely a 2 person job, though. I learned that really quick.

swimming lessons

Isaac started a new version of swimming lessons this year and I am not sold. That is for sure. The first night of swimming lessons Isaac was upset and I went over to comfort him and the head lady came over and told Isaac to get in the water and me to go sit down. I went back the next night and Isaac sat on the edge of the pool and cried for me the whole time. I was about 10 feet away and I couldn't do anything to help him. I haven't been back since. Jeff has taken him the other nights and I think we will keep it that way. It is too hard for me to see him upset like that. Jeff says he is getting better every day.

The first picture below is of a little boy in the class screaming and in the second picture you will get a good back view of the lady who not only yelled at Isaac but at me and about a dozen other kids and parents as well. I understand it is her way of getting the kids on her program but come on, they are 3 year olds. Whatever!

omaha zoo

My friend Sonia has some time off from work so she went with the kids and me to Omaha for a night to go to the zoo. I thought a day trip up and back to Sioux Falls with 2 kids was too much. We got there on Sunday and stayed at a hotel with a fun arcade and a big time swimming pool On Monday morning we got up early and went to the zoo. I do have to give Sonia major credit for staying in a hotel room with 2 little kids and me. She was big time help. Isaac had a hard time calming down so he didn't get much sleep. So we didn't get to spend as much time at the zoo as we hoped for. We were there about 3 hours and maybe saw 25% of it. That place is huge! We will have to go back. Enjoy the pics I posted.

Thanks Sonia for including us on one of your bucket list items!

rainy days

We have had a lot of rainy days and Isaac is always asking to go play outside. I struggle with this because Anna can't go out in the rain and I wont let Isaac go out in the front by himself. I usually have to wait until Jeff gets home and then we each take one kid. This day Anna was napping so I snuck outside with him and let him jump in a few puddles. It was cold so he didn't want to stay out long.

making cookies

Isaac and I made cookies a few weeks ago and they weren't the pre made kind that you pull out of the freezer. We actually had to use ingredients and the mixer. It was fun because Anna was napping so Isaac and I really got to get into this project together. He had so much fun making cookies for Wosje. He asks me about once a day if we can make cookies again.
The best part was licking the bowl- a totally new experience for Isaac! Ahh, to be a kid again!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anna's Baptism

We had Anna's Baptism today and it went extremely well. She was full of smiles and didn't hardly flinch when they poured the Holy Water over her head.
Suzie and Dave are Anna's Godparents and they did a great job!

Here is a picture of the whole crew! Thank you to everyone who made Anna's day so special!
The cake says, "Jesus Loves Ana". They spelled her name wrong! Oh well... but the funny thing is that when I ordered the cake we double check the spelling. Oh well- all is okay. We had a great day!

2 napping at the same time

Isaac is pretty much over the naps. But, Friday he was really sleepy and I got him to fall asleep on the couch. Anna went down in her crib and rolled to her belly and crashed out. She is a total tummy sleeper.

Here is Isaac crashed on the couch. I tucked myself in next to him and zonked out for a few minutes myself. It was peace and quiet for a good hour. That is a rare thing anymore around here during the day.

duck egg update

I have been checking up on the duck eggs daily. I have noticed that Momma is there most mornings and today when I checked this afternoon she was sitting on the eggs. I know there are at least 6 eggs. If you look really close in the picture above you can see an egg. She have covered them all up so you cant hardly see them anymore.

Anna- 5 months!

Miss Anna is going to be 5 months tomorrow! She is such a big girl and so happy! We all love her so much. When we ride in daddy's car we put their car seats next to each other and whenever I look back Isaac is holding Anna's hand. I melt every time I see it. Isaac is so good to her!

She loves to smile and loves to play on this Exersaucer! She bounces around and giggles and loves to play and play and play. This is her favorite, right now.
She is also working on sitting up. She topples over pretty fast, but she is getting the hang of it. It is so funny seeing her sit like this.
I was just thinking today about how fast she is growing up. With Isaac I felt like it took forever to hit the milestones and with Anna I feel like every other day she is another month older and hitting another milestone.

Anna got her first tooth on her 5 month Birthday!

Momma's Day

I had a great Momma's day this year. On Saturday I planted all my pots (since the sun was shining) and spent the day outside. Jeff watched the kids for most of the day and I only came in to feed Anna (for the most part). On Sunday Jeff's parents were here so we spent the morning with them. We went to breakfast with my family and came home to hang low. Jeff cleaned the whole house and did all the laundry. Love my family!

Avera Race for the Cure

Mother's Day weekend for the last 3 years (ever since I have become a mom) we have participated in the Avera Breast Cancer walk. Isaac was about 5 weeks the first year and now he is walking himself (sometimes). This year we had a big group (in the past it has just been my mom, Suzie and Jeff) Last year was Jeff's first year and he ran the 5k- he ran it again this year and beat his last years time by over a minute! Yay Jeff! So this year we had my mom, dad, Shelley, Mandy, Jeff, Isaac, Suzie, Sonia, Anna and me! It was a great way to start off the weekend. I am thinking we are going to grow our clan every year.
Suzie and Isaac cheering on Jeff!
Do you see Jeff?
our walking group.
Jeff and my parents. Jeff came and joined up with us when he finished his walk.


Isaac completed another semester of Kindermusik a couple of weeks ago and again he loved it. Miss Becky is his teacher and he really likes her. The last year and a half we have been taking it we have made lots of new friends. This is the last time we will be with some of them since the kids are starting preschool in the fall. It is bittersweet. All the kids love it! We are signed up for another short summer term starting in a couple of weeks.

We had a celebration class and Jeff came to watch. My parents and Suzie came, too. We love to show our family what we are up to.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Duck Eggs!

My neighbor and her little boy were walking on the sidewalk in front of my house this afternoon and when they walked around the corner she saw something move- it was the momma duck. Can you see her in the picture below? As I was walking over to take pictures she crouched down really low.
Can you see her better in this picture? I am standing on the sidewalk facing my house and she is right there on the sidewalk. Do you think I should get a little sign so people are quiet or leave her alone or dogs don't bother her?? We live right on a corner.

She took off when I was taking pictures of she and her eggs. Can you see the eggs and the momma duck in the picture below?

4 eggs. They are bigger than eggs in your fridge. I cant wait to keep a dairy of how they develop! According to a website I found it takes 25-28 days for them to hatch. I think today is day 2-- I was out there on Saturday cutting back all the grasses and since then the eggs have been laid. I would like to say they were laid on Sunday- Mother's Day!

I will do my best to update with pictures every couple of days and see the changes our baby ducks! How exciting. And so much fun to teach Isaac! I hope they come back every year....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

(the best) Mother's Day Card

I wanted to share the best Mommy's day card. When Jeff (and the kids) gave me this card the tears were pretty much immediate. I think it is because this card is so true at the stage in my life. Ahhh, love being a Mommy to my wonderful kiddos (and wife to the best husband)! More pics and Mother's day details to come- right now my bed is calling my name. Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful Mothers in my life!

Friday, May 6, 2011

little loves

Ahhhhh. I love going through my pictures and finding my favorites...

Isaac and his sweet little smile

Annie and her cheeseburger shirt- and those big beautiful blue eyes
big brother = big protector
sweet little smiles

who let the BIRD in!!!


So one evening when Jeff was in Vegas, Suzie opened the front door and this bird flew in the house! OMG!!! I about lost it! Thank God both kids were sleeping, I was freaking out! We called my brother who lives down the street to come help. He was looking for a net. I called my mom and while talking to her I found a net and she told me to turn off all interior lights and turn on all exterior lights and wave the net around it... sure enough it flew out! Oh my gosh, it was so freaky! Gross. I never want to experience that again!

loving the swingset!

The swing set was worth every penny! Isaac loves it. If I turn my head for 5 minutes he will sneak outside to play on the swing set. Tonight he played and swung and played and played. We made him come in for dinner and as soon as he was excused from the table he ran back outside to play on the swing set again! I love seeing the joy on his face.

(little puppy loves the swing set, too)