Thursday, July 22, 2010

hard to say bye

Isaac's Uncle Joe got a new job in Des Moines, Iowa and left on Monday for his new adventure. Isaac and I stopped out to Brandon to see him and say goodbye. It is no fun watching him leave. It was so nice having him so close and Isaac loves him to pieces. We are lucky he is only a couple hours away and will be back to visit often!

Go Twins!

Last weekend Jeff and I went to a couple twins game and just enjoyed the weekend without our kiddo. The Twins won both games against the White Sox so it was really fun to watch! I am about 18 weeks pregnant in this picture....

Jumping July Jubilee

We had our last Sioux Falls Parks and Rec event last week. It was fun. Isaac and the others ran and jumped and ran through cones. I will have to upload the video I took. I have a little feeling Isaac might be the kid in class who may push his teachers buttons. He was supposed to run around the cones and instead he just kicked them all over and showed the other kids how to do the same thing. Oh boy, I am going to have my hands full!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

baby goats

Grandpa and Grandma Oliver play in a couples golf league on Friday evenings and some of their golf friends raise baby goats. They invited us out to see the babies. The 2 babies were under 5 days old. They were so sweet and Isaac loved them up! Enjoy the pics.

Okoboji with Arizonians!

So Jack, Patricia and Jaxson came to visit the a couple of weeks ago. We spent the weekend at the lake with them and the little boys (Isaac and Jaxson) had a great time together. It is so much fun to watch them grow and change and see their little personalities forming. Last time we were with them was in March at Jack and Patricia's wedding.

Isaac, Grandma Linda and Jaxson
Joe, Isaac, Grandpa Johnny, Jeff, Jaxson and Jack fishing.
Isaac, Grandpa Johnny and Jaxson
Jack, Jaxson, Isaac and Jeff.

Jaxson, Joe and Isaac

Park with Daddy!

Last week we went to the park and Jeff was with us. It is a whole different experience for Isaac when Jeff is around cause Jeff is like a kid himself and plays on all the equipment. Isaac was loving it. Here are some pics from the park.

Friends from far places

Since July has started we have been busy busy! Many of our days were taken up with friends (one being a cousin) from far away places. Jaxson (Isaac's cousin) and his parents came from Arizona for a week. We were able to spend a weekend with them at the lake. We all had a great time and Isaac and Jaxson played really well. We are all pretty bummed we wont see them again until March (hopefully).
Another friend who was in town was Isaac's buddy, Trip. He lives in Texas. Jeff and his mom (Michelle) went to high school and college together so whenever they are home we try to get the boys together. They are only 8 days apart. Isaac and Trip had so much fun chasing each other around and copying each others every move. It was really fun to watch. We cant wait til the next time they come back to Sioux Falls!
Thomas was another friend who was in town. He lives in a town outside of San Francisco. His mom, Sharon and I grew up together so it is really fun having kids close in age. We went to the zoo one day and the pool another and had a little playdate at my house. It was funny because as soon as Thomas warmed up to Isaac they had to leave....We hope they come home again, soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Zooing Around

Isaac had fun at this Sioux Falls Parks and Rec event. They created masks and tails of whatever animal they chose and then they got a snack. Isaac chose to do a monkey. Funny stuff.

Here is the group of kids in their masks. Can you find Isaac (he is the monkey)?

4th of July 2010

Another 4th of July at the lake! We had a great time.

We watched fireworks!
Our Family

Love love love bubbles!
Fireworks! Isaac's favorite firework this year was snaps.