Monday, June 28, 2010

Long weekend at the lake

We spent a long weekend in Okoboji last weekend and had a great time. Isaac kept very busy with all sorts of activities! The weather during the days was perfect- a nice breeze and warm enough to get in the water. The nights we had some pretty wild storms which had us in the basement watching the news. Enjoy the pics of all the fun we had! We cant wait to go back this weekend for the 4th of July weekend.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Another class we took through the Sioux Falls Park and Rec's was Planes, Trains and Automobiles. This one I was the most excited about considering Isaac is so into all three things. I was a little disappointed. The teacher had the kids cutting out their own things and Isaac has never touched a scissors before. All the other kids were cutting so I showed him how. Let me just say that is all he wanted to do the whole class. So I did his project for him and he cut paper. Oh well, still nice to get out and interact with other kids.

Tumbling toddlers

Jeff took Isaac to Tumbling Toddlers- another class offered by the Sioux Falls Parks and Rec. Jeff said he mostly just ran around and did his own thing, to figure. Here are a couple of pics that Jeff got.

Father's Day!

As I stated in a previous blog we took and open airplane ride on Father's Day. Here are some pictures from the fun day! That evening we went met my dad and family at the pool for dinner and swimming. It was a really fun day. Enjoy the pics from our airplane experience!

Clay Party!

We had another Sioux Falls Parks and Rec activity a couple of weeks ago. This one was called Clay Party. So far, this has been my favorite one. Isaac and his buddy, Evan did this one together. They got to make something out of the clay (Isaac made a hand print) and then they painted it. They also got some free time to play with play dough. It was a pretty good morning. Here are some pics from the outing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Open Airplane Ride!

Today we went to the Tea Airport for a little Air Show. Jeff wanted to go for an Open Airplane ride so that's what we did- after all it is Father's Day! So Here is a little video. It is Isaac, Jeff and I and some random kid. It was quite the experience. I was a little nervous for Isaac but he fell asleep within 5 minutes of taking off! I couldn't believe it. We even flew over our house. I will upload that video later. I just wanted to get some footage up. Happy Father's Day Dads!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

13 weeks down. 27 to go!

We are expecting baby number 2!
He/She is expected to arrive on 12.18.10!
Isaac is thrilled to be a big brother!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New BK

There is a new Burger King in Sioux Falls on South Cliff and 57th street. Today was the grand opening and Jeff had to spend most of the day there. Isaac and I stopped in for lunch and there were all kinds of people in there! I snapped a pic of Isaac eating his cheeseburger in his King hat.

Falls Park

On Friday Morning Isaac and I met some friends down at Falls Park for some breakfast. It was Isaac's first visit this year and I love his expressions when he sees things for the first time. It is always, "whhoooaaaaa!" Same thing this time. After we ate our bagels we went walking across the bridge that crosses the falls. He has no fear and started climbing the bridge railings. Seriously, this kid needs to be watched. We had a great time and Isaac loved it- jumping in all the mud puddles from the rain the night before was also a blast!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Painting in the Park

The Sioux Falls Parks and Rec have all kinds of activities and classes this summer for kids of all ages. We signed up for several classes. This morning we were supposed to paint in the park but we had a huge thunderstorm so they moved the class to a community center. I took pictures, of course.

The first station Isaac had to paint the chocolate (edible) paint on his feet and then walk on the paper. It took him a bit to paint it on his feet- I don't think he is a huge fan of getting dirty. But once he got the hang of it he had fun.

This project was to splatter chocolate and strawberry syrup on the paper.

The next station was painting with vanilla pudding and sprinkles. I think this was Isaac's favorite as he was eating most of the "paint".

This station we used yellow and blue paint drops and then we dropped a ball in the box and shook it around. This created a beautiful (ha) piece of art.

He liked this station, too. Using an apple and frosting to create his masterpiece. Again, he ate most of this one, too.

I am sure you caught on but most of the paint was edible and sugar! I am not a huge sugar fan so many of the things Isaac painted with and ate were first timers... so he took full advantage. It was pretty funny.


Isaac's favorite snack right now is watermelon. He eats it whenever we offer it to him. A few days ago we had the pool filled up and Suz and Kenz were over (as you can see in some of the pics) and he was chowing down. Enjoy the pics.

Ice cream treats

Eating ice cream with my 3 favorite boys.