Friday, March 19, 2010

Puddle Jumper!

We had so much water from all the snow melting last week- Isaac was in his element. We woke up in the morning and went outside. We were out most of the time and he would run and jump and get soaked in the puddles. It was cold at times but he didn't care. He would play and play. When we would make him come in would cry, even though he was soaking wet and freezing!

Wild Child

See this wild child? Well he had a couple of big moments today. I wasn't expecting nap time to be so eventful! And not in a very good way. He climbed out of his crib and fell out straight to the floor. He was pretty freaked out. Later I was trying to get him to sleep and I put the mattress on the floor hoping he would fall asleep and the next thing I know he is opening the door! 2 big firsts. Now he can get in and out of every room in the house and he can get out of his crib! He is gaining more and more independence and it is a little freaky!

Butterfly Man

We went to the Butterfly House yesterday this older man was there. He showed Isaac all about this butterfly and Isaac had so much fun. He got up close and personal with this one butterfly. It was so fun watching Isaac interact with the "grandpa" and he was so good to Isaac.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Airplanes on the beach!

One of Isaac's favorite things about being in California and on the beach was all the air crafts that flew over head. I think something was flying over every 15 minutes and he would get so excited! I got an airplane flying by on video. He was a bit distracted since we were on the dog beach. But still pretty cool to see.


I walked into Isaac's room recently after he woke from his nap and his light was on and the fan was going full blast. I had no clue how he got to the light and fan switch so I asked him to show me. This is what I saw....

toddler or puppy?

Isaac loves pretending to be a puppy and wants to play fetch. Here he is playing fetch with Jeff last night. Quite funny.


I think the last time we were at the park was October. So today we took advantage of the beautiful morning! I think it was in the low 50's and sunshine with no wind, we played and played for a good hour. Isaac went down slides and went swinging. Happy boy and happy mom to finally be outdoors! Goodbye, Old Man Winter! Hello to warmer days!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Big 30!

Suzie and I turned 30 on Sunday! Holy Buckets- big birthday! We spent the weekend in the cities having a girls weekend and came home Sunday afternoon and had family over on Sunday night. My Brothers and their families came over and Joe came over, too. Check out the pics!

Isaac pulling Phia's hair- wow!
Uncle Joe and Isaac

Isaac loves Sophia.

Capri, Maggie, Sophia, Isaac, Suz, Hudson and OwenSuzie and her favorite nieces and nephews-
Capri, Sophia, Isaac, Hudson and Owen

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goodbye, Hailey

Well, we had to say goodbye to our dog, Hailey. She was diagnosed with oral cancer in early December and was given 2 weeks - 6 months to live and she made it about 3 months. We were lucky to have her around as long as we did. She was doing really well up until a couple of weeks ago when the tumors got very aggressive and big. She had been cutting the tumor open in her mouth when she would eat. Yesterday afternoon she was bleeding enough to concern me but had cleared up by the time Jeff got home from work.

Last night before we went to bed she ate some dinner and then she went to bed and she would not stop licking. Jeff put his hand down to pet her and felt blood so he got up to wash his and check on her and there was blood everywhere. We were concerned she wouldn't make it through the night with all the blood loss. Jeff was going to take her on his own but I really wanted to be there with him and wanted Ozzy to be there, too. So I called Suzie at about midnight (she had to work at 7am- so I felt awful calling so late) and she said to bring Isaac right over. So off we were. We dropped Isaac off around 12:30am and were at the emergency vet clinic by 12:35am.

It was so hard. Ozzy was a nervous wreck- he would only snuggle up to my neck and Jeff held Hailey the whole time. The bleeding had subsided by this time so she seemed content. They took her away for a few minutes to put the needle in and they brought her back. The Dr came in and assured us we were doing the right thing. The oral cancer in dogs is very aggressive and especially in small dogs. So we went ahead with our plans to put her to sleep. Jeff was holding her while the vet put in the anesthetic and felt her take her last breath. I immediately felt at ease knowing she is no longer in pain and is playing with Sally (my childhood dog) and Hershyl (Jeff's childhood dog). After she was put to sleep Jeff laid her on the ground so Ozzy could smell her and know she was gone. After a few minutes we said our goodbyes and left the clinic minus one of our four legged family members. Tough night. She was put to sleep at 12:50am.

We picked Isaac up at 1am and were home and in bed by 2am. I know we did the right thing. No more suffering, no more bleeding. We miss her greatly.

The vet also mentioned to watch out for Ozzie. He will more than likely experience some depression. I just hope he comes through this okay. I am so thankful Suzie adopted her dog in December- Ozzy and Kenzie are great buddies and I know it will help having her around.

I just so happened to take some pictures of the dogs last night with Isaac. So enjoy the final pics we have of Hailey.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A pee pee & a poopy in the.......

A pee pee & a poopy in the potty! Yes, you read it right! Isaac went pee pee and poopy in the potty while we were in California! I am so proud of my big boy!