Sunday, November 28, 2010

just because

I had to throw this picture on here for the heck of it. Seriously, this kid is hilarious!

Big Helper

It is so much fun doing Christmas things with Isaac. He loves to help with everything. Here he is trying to help Jeff put up lights. Sweet kiddo! He sure loved checking out the finished product when the sun went down. Good job, Jeff!


Since it was Thanksgiving weekend there were a couple friends in town. We had a small get together with a couple of friends. Isaac loved being the oldest kid and taking care of the little ones. Here is a pic of Brynn, Isaac and Sam. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Thanksgivng Pies

Suzie and I have created a tradition with all the neices and nephews on my side of the family. The night before Thanksgiving we have all the kids over to make pies for Thanksgiving at my Mom's house. It was a crazy night this year! All 4 kids were dropped off by 6 for pizza and then we made 4 pumpkin pies and a pumpking bundt (butt cake as the kids call it) cake.

baby bump

I am officially 37 weeks pregnant. This picture was taken when I was 36 weeks pregnant. I cant imagine I am much bigger now than last week. I am feeling huge and sooo ready! Any day now, baby Oliver! I cant hardly wait to find out the sex of this baby! Isaac is excited, too. It is his baby, after all (according to him)!

Christmas Tree

Every year we buy our Christmas Tree at Lewis Drug. This thing was $20 and huge and pretty. So we got it home and set it up and it isterribly lopsided. We spent the weekend shifting and turning it and everything else. We worked some magic, I must say...

Isaac had so much fun decorating the tree with Jeff. He loved putting the decorations on. Just an FYI, they have decorations that are shatterproof! We have tested this product several times and not one has broke yet!
More decorating!

And more decorating!

TaDaa! Our finished product!

Now we just need some presents!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

South Dakota Children's Museum

On Tuesday Isaac and I went with 3 other Mom's and 5 other kids to Brookings where they opened a Children's Museum. It was awesome! The only downfall is that it is in Brookings. I really wish it was in Sioux Falls because we would spend lots of time there. It will be fun to make the short drive from time to time, but we wont use it like we would in Sioux Falls. Here are some pics.

Isaac spent about a half hour in the "store"- I couldn't get him out
Here was a vegetable garden. He spent so much time picking tomato's, carrots, pumpkins, potato's and corn. He loved it. LOVED it!
There was a water room that was awesome! The kids got soaking wet and played nonstop.
And a giant LiteBright. Kids loved this, too.
And the car ride home. These three crashed from all the fun they had.

We cant wait to go back and I highly recommend it!

Lots of kids!

Last weekend we had a big play date! A bunch of my high school friends were in town for Suzie and Dave's wedding reception so we got the kids together. It was a lot of fun and total chaos. I cant wait to do it again!

Left to Right: Stella-Rylan (on floor)-Ozzie-Aidan-Sam-Isaac-Sophie-Ella-Josie

Sunday, November 14, 2010

quiet house

This morning Nicki called and said Sophie wanted Isaac to come play after naps and have dinner with her. So When he woke we packed him up and Nicki came to get him. He was totally ok with it and walked right to the car with Nicki and went on his way. I was nervous before he went as he usually wants his mom - but I know how much he loves Nicki, Sophie and Aidan so off he went! She just sent me this picture. Looks like all is going well. It is so fun watching these 2 kids become such good friends as they grow up.

It sure is quiet around this house. I have been napping and Jeff has been downstairs watching the Cowboys.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

34 weeks

Today marks 34 weeks of this pregnancy. 6 to go! I had Jeff take a couple of pics the other night. I had to add the first one as I was getting ready to go bowling on a league I sub on. I thought my bowling shirt was not very fitting considering the last thing I am doing right now is drinking and bowling-as much fun as it is. I am also here to tell you, I am done bowling. I was in so much pain when I got home and the next day. Ugh, I am officially taking it easy from here on out.

My mom and dad took Isaac last night for a sleepover. Jeff and I ran around and did some errands and we were at Target and I looked down at my hands and they were the size of sausages. I am swelling up fast as this pregnancy goes on. We went over to Lewis Drug so I could check my blood pressure. It is creeping up there- no fun.

You can tell I am swelling in the pictures below. 6 weeks to go. I can do it, I can do it!

Ready for baby!

Last week we did the final things to get ready for this baby! 6 weeks to go and I think we are set. I have all the neutral clothes I have washed and put away and even got newborn diapers (they are tiny, by the way). Isaac and Jeff put the crib back together.

And look who wanted to sleep in the crib... ahhh poor guy. How are we going to adjust to having 2 kiddos? I know we will be fine and Isaac will be a great big brother, but part of me is bummed it wont be just the 3 of us anymore.

trick or treat!

Isaac was such a trooper on Halloween this year! I think Jeff and I were both shocked at how well he did trick or treating and how into he got. The 3 of us went around to some houses and then I came home to hand out candy and Jeff and Isaac were gone for another hour or so. I couldn't believe it. Enjoy the pics!

puppy rides!

We got Isaac this puppy thing a while ago and it has been a hit. So if you are looking for a gift for your 2 year old, I suggest this thing. Isaac loves to bounce on it and ride it. One night before bed he gave his animals a ride. It was pretty cute.

finger paints!

Isaac, Sophie and Aidan had a playdate last week and we pulled out the canvas and finger paints. We did this a year ago for Sophie's Birthday. The older kids loved it and Aidan got really messy fast. We should do it more often but I cant hardly stand the mess! All that matters is that the kids had fun, though