Tuesday, October 26, 2010

32 weeks

I suppose I should have Jeff take a picture of me and my pregnant self....ugh.

I had my 32 week appointment this morning and I got a lot of information that was good news. I have had so much burning, pain, throbbing in my groins and other lower areas over the last few weeks. The groin pain has been coming and going since about week 20. I brought it all to her attention today so she checked to make sure I wasn't dilated, which I am not- Thankfully. She thinks it is because of the ligaments and the weight of the baby as the baby grows.

I am also starting to swell and my blood pressure is starting to elevate- which was the reason I was induced with Isaac 2 weeks early. So I am hoping that does not happen again. Hopefully it just stays right where it is.

I am measuring at 31.5 weeks and am 32 weeks so that is pretty much right on track.

She said she will induce me no earlier than 39 weeks which is around December 11th.... so time will tell!

I am feeling ok. Very exhausted in the afternoons. In fact, my bed is calling my name.

We hope for more good news at my 34 week appointment in just 2 short weeks!

Grandpa Scott is 95

Last week Isaac and I went to Mitchell for my grandpa's 95th Birthday. Crazy to believe he is 95 and in such great health! There were about 30 people at the lunch and Isaac and another little boy got to help blow out all the candles.
After lunch my mom and I went over to their house to drop off the leftover food. Isaac found the kitty and loved her to pieces! Here is a picture of Isaac with his great grandparents and grandma Banana!

Cowboys game

Jeff and I went to the Cowboys/Vikes game a couple of weeks ago. We ended up getting really good tickets the morning of the game on Craigslist. We were in the second row on the 35 yard line on the Cowboys side. It was quiet the experience. Even though the Cowboys lost we had a really good weekend. I am pretty sure that was our last getaway before the baby comes!

my boys

Since Isaac has moved to his new room we spend a lot of time playing in there. He loves to stack coins and to color in his color book. This is a usual spot for Jeff and Isaac. The music is also turned all the way up so we can dance, too. I generally just lay on the bed and watch them play. It is definitely my favorite time of day.

Halloween preview

Here is a preview of Isaac's Halloween costume! He is going to be a giraffe. He couldn't decide between a frog and a shark and I found this costume for super cheap and went with it. He couldn't be more excited! Hopefully the wind stops blowing by Sunday so we can take him trick or treating for the first time!

Big Boy Room!

After lots of planning and talking about moving Isaac into his new big boy room, we finally did it. It has been about 3 weeks so far and it was the right move. He sleeps better in his room then he did in the toddler bed, not sure why. Last night he slept in there and we didn't hear from him until 615 this morning. It is a bit early to be waking up but we will just go with it. Some nights he wakes around 330 and comes to our room. It just depends on the night. He loves to talk about his "new" room. He used to call it "Suzie's" room. Funny kid. Here are a couple pics of him before he slept in his room on the first night.

Monday, October 11, 2010

30 weeks down....

30 weeks down and 10 to go!

Hard to believe, it is going so fast. Some days I think too fast and other days I don't think fast enough. Isaac is going through a stage and he only wants me to put him to bed, he only wants me to get him milk, he only wants me to change his diaper (thankfully this task is fading and he is allowing Jeff to help), etc. It is ok, but every time he throws a fit I remind him that come December I am going to be really busy and he is going to have to let Daddy help. I am not sure how it is all going to go over, but we just have to keep on working with him.

I had big intentions on getting Isaac potty trained before the baby came but now I am cooling it. We are still working on potty training, I am just not overly pushing it. Isaac spends a few hours a day without his diaper and he will go in the big boy potty. I will probably get more aggressive in the next couple of weeks to see how it goes. I have heard from many different people to wait til after the baby comes in case he regresses and I have heard that most boys don't train well until they are over 3. So Who knows.

Isaac feels the baby move a lot nowadays. When he does I ask him what the baby is doing and he says, "baby is swimming". And then I ask him what is in his belly and he tells me, "I have fish swimming in my belly". And I look in his belly button and I pretend I can see the fish. And then he looks in my belly button and says he can see the baby. I ask him if it is a boy or girl and everytime he says the opposite. Kids are hilarous. I also heard him come out of his room tonight and tell Jeff good night and that he loves him. On his way back to his room he says, "Daddy, sleep tight". So sweet. Jeff just laughed.

I had a follow up ultra sound a couple of weeks ago. When I was 20 weeks I had border line placenta previa so my Dr had me get a second ultra sound in my 3rd trimester to make sure the placenta moved up. The placenta did move up, so that is great news! The not so great news is that the baby is breech.... but still has several weeks to flip so my Dr is not concerned right now. Just gotta hope and Pray that baby flips between now and about 35 weeks or I might end up with a C section. I sure hope not!

I am feeling good and definitely feeling pregnant. It is getting harder to sleep and get around with Isaac. But we are managing. Jeff is helping a lot more with the little things, so that is awesome. He really is the best help and is such a good Dad to Isaac. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. My favorite is on Saturday mornings when he and Isaac go get BK breakfast, wash the car, go to Home Depot and let me sleep until I cant sleep anymore. It is so necessary right now! I am lucky to have him...I do know this.

Pumpkin Patch

We took Isaac to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. He had a great time playing on the hay bails, riding the train and riding the ponies. We weren't there very long as it was close to 80 degrees out and we were hot and sweaty but we got everything in that we wanted to. Isaac loved all the activities....much better than last year as he freaked on the train and I had to go get him half way through. (I am 30 weeks pregnant in the picture of the 3 of us)

Notre Dame

On Saturday Jeff and some friends went to the Notre Dame vs Pitt game. They won it the Bishop's Tournament live auction so they had a private plane take them to and from the game as part of the package. They all had a great time. I sent the camera with Jeff and this is the best picture he got. He didn't get any of himself or his friends. Go figure, ha.

Summer in October

It has been beautiful here the last couple of weeks and Isaac and I have taken full advantage of the nice days. Last week we spent one morning at the zoo and the next at the park. I know what is expected in our near future weather wise so we will continue to spend time outdoors until old man winter shows up.