Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Week in Coronado

Here is a bunch of pictures from our week in Coronado for Suzie and Dave's wedding. There is not special order of the pics, just a bunch from the week. We spent 8 days there and had a really good time. It was so much fun to have the whole family at my mom and dad's place. The kids played on the beach mostly and just hung out. We hardly left Coronado. Enjoy the pics! Congrats to Suz and Dave!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

1st day of school!

Isaac had his first day of "school" today! It is called Miss Jaspers House and kids go one day a week from 9-12 and learn about manners, ABC's, colors, numbers and lots of play. They also have a snack time. We have been talking about it all week and how Isaac is going to go to "school" all by himself like a big boy.
Well today was the day and I am not gonna lie, I am sure I was more nervous than Isaac. I didn't sleep very well last night and have been thinking about it a lot. I know, I am a sap! So I took him to school and we walked downstairs and introduced ourselves and then Isaac went over and started playing with the toys and didn't look back at me once. Miss Jaspers told me I could stay and say goodbye or just sneak out. I chose to sneak out to skip out on any tears (on his end). I got to my car and immediately started crying and called Jeff. I was really busy all morning and went back to get him at noon. He was SO happy to see me. Saying, "my mommy's here, my mommy's here" to anyone who would listen. Then he gave me big hugs and said over and over, "mommy, I missed you too much." Pretty special moment. Miss Jaspers told me he did very well and had a couple of weak moments. His weak moments were usually when another child was sad, then Isaac would get sad. Sounds like Isaac.....actually it sounds like me.
For snack time he had cookies and has been talking about them all day! I am a proud mom.

last lake weekend

Last weekend we went to the lake so Jeff could help his parents close the cabin for the year. On Sunday morning his parents were golfing so we took the boat out one last time. It was a little chili but so beautiful out and zero boats on the lake. We cruised around for an hour or so and had a really good time. We are going to miss the lake now that it is getting colder. It was so much fun watching Isaac love the lake. We cant wait for next summer, already! I kept thinking in my head next summer we are going to have 2 kids at the lake... wow.


I took Isaac back to gymnastics a few weeks ago. We hadnt been hardly at all this summer. Boy, did he grow up and gain some serious confidence! He was diving into the foam pit and last year he would harldy even slide into it. Crazy kid has no fear!

Dakota Bowl 2010

Isaac has gone to the Dakota Bowl every year since he has been living. Jeff is on the committee, so we like to show our support. I do have to say every year we have more and more fun as Isaac is getting older. We did a little tailgating this year and then we stayed for the first half of the football game. We watched the halftime show which included the marching band and the fireworks. Isaac's favorite part was the marching band followed by the fireworks. We had a great time!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

weekend playdate!

Last weekend Jack, Patricia and Jaxson came from Arizona. Jack and Patricia had a wedding to go to in Omaha. Jeff took Jaxson and Isaac to the lake Friday afternoon and I had the quiet house to myself until I went Saturday morning (ahhhhh..heaven). The kids had so much fun together. A weekend playdate! They played and fished and went to Arnold's Park, and swam and on and on. They had a great time together. It is fun watching them play now they are both a little older.

poor frogs

We get all kinds of frogs in our window wells. I am talking 10-15 in each window. It is crazy to see Jeff jump down in there to free them and they all jump out. Isaac goes nuts for them and he always manages to catch at least one and play with it for a while. He carries it around, puts it on his head, jumps behind it like he is a frog, and maybe is just a little too rough. The frog usually gets away after a while, thankfully. It does keep Isaac very entertained!

Meeting Josie

A friend of ours had her baby early in August. Nicki, Sophie, Isaac and I packed up and headed to Omaha for the day to meet her new baby. The kids did very well in the car with only a couple melt downs. Josie is adorable and soooo tiny. Sophie and Isaac loved her up!

kids weekend in mlps

Jeff was out of town for a big stretch of time a few weeks ago so I talked Suzie and Sophia into going to Minneapolis with Isaac and I for a quick weekend. We had a great time. We went to Lake Calhoun and had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Sunday morning we woke up early and had breakfast with Aunt Patty and then headed over to The Children's Museum in St. Paul. The museum was a hit for both Isaac and Sophia. I strongly suggest spending an afternoon there if you are in the cities with your kids.