Sunday, February 28, 2010

California 2010

Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip to California. Suz, Isaac and I spent the week with my parents last week. enjoy the pics!

Isaac used my Mom's vase as a golf tee.
Throwing rocks on the beach
Burying our feet in the sand.
One of several great beach days!
perfect pool days!
had a chance to play a little golf
Isaac's favorite thing to do was watch planes overhead.
Momma love.
Talking to the ducks in front of the Del
First time meeting an octopus
At the Aquarium
happy boy
Suzie and Isaac
Mom, Isaac and me
Mom, Suzie and Isaac
Dinner with friends (Beth was there, too but she met us for dinner).
More beach pics
Grandpa and Isaac walking on the beach
Chasing birds- another favorite activity of the week
The beach is so FUN- Giant playground!
Mom and Isaac
Happiest kid on the beach!
Rocking his baby in the condo
Waving bye bye to the helicopters. He is going to miss those things!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Isaac loves dogs- I mean loves them! Here he is pretending to be Kenzie (Suzie's Black Lab).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just a thought

Today Isaac had Kindermusik- let me start off by saying he did a GREAT job this week. Much much better than last time. He listened to Miss Becky very well. I was a proud mom this morning.

After kindermusik we went to a play date with a couple of kids from his kindermusik class. It was very interesting as the 2 other kids that were there were the youngest kids in their family. They all play very well and play together most of the time. Isaac on the other hand played very well and had a great time but most of the time he played by himself in a different part of the room. It makes sense why this is, Isaac is alone with me most of the time and isn't in daycare so that is what he is used to. While Jack and Taten both have siblings are play with kids to fulfill the playtime.

All the kids were happy and it is just interesting to me how I am watching my child develop and become his own little person and how well he does even if he does play by himself. He likes having the other kids around. Right before he fell asleep for his nap I asked him if he had fun with the kids and he shook his head, "yes" just as he was closing his eyes. Love him.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hailey update

Here is a new picture of our dog, Hailey. I am sure you remember my post in December telling about her cancer. Well, she is still with us. She is starting to slow down a little. She doesn't leave the couch much. She is still eating and is happy. In the picture below you can tell the left side of her face is swollen. The tumor is back and growing. Her lymph node is also very swollen. We are taking good care of her and trying to make sure she is happy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Isaac got me Tye Died roses for Valentine's day! What a cutie! And Daddy got me some red roses! I am so lucky to have these boys in my life! We wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!


Yesterday the temp was in the 20's and the snowflakes were huge so we went outside to play! I cannot believe all the snow we are getting- 4 more inches on Friday and Saturday this weekend. Enjoy the pics.

I wanted to take a pic of the front of the house. My hydrangea trees in the front and buried in snow and they are probably 5 feet high. Here is Isaac and Jeff in front of the house. Look at the huge flakes!
This face of Isaac's is becoming pretty normal. His tongue out-
especially when we are outside in the cold.

Mommy and Isaac playing in the snow!

This kid loves the snow! Such a cutie!

Daddy and Isaac attempting to make snow angels-
Isaac was not a fan of the snowflakes falling on his face.

Lil Lovebug

Last weekend Isaac and I went to Color Me Mine- it is a place where you can go and pain on pottery and then they fire them up. They had a Valentine event for preschoolers so we went with my Sister in Law and Isaac's cousin, Hudson. Isaac had more fun balancing sponges and other things on his head than the actual project itself so I did most of the work. He did however do a wonderful job with his hand print. This is our finished product! It was Daddy's Valentine's day gift!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

see this kid.....

Does he look sweet and Innocent to you? Well, I am here to tell you my sweet little boy has turned into quite the hand full. I know, I know... people have always told me before I had kids how much work they are and I get that. But, wow- over the last couple of weeks Isaac has become nonstop in every direction. I thought he was a handful when he started walking and this doesn't even compare! Today we had Kindermusik and Isaac maybe participated in 10 minutes of the class. The rest of the time I was chasing him out of places he shouldn't be. I feel bad if my child is disrupting the class from the other kids, I just don't know what to do. This morning for a second I thought maybe he is too much to be taking him to class right now, but he loves going. We will stick it through and hope this is a fast little phase. I cant even describe to you how nonstop this kid is. Any suggestions?? He used to be my sweet little Mommy's boy who would be shy and quiet, but no more!

Escape Artists

See these dogs? The 3 (Kenzie, the Lab is Suzie's) of them together have managed to find a way to escape out of the fenced in backyard. Since we have gotten so much snow this year the drift has gone up over the fence line and they can walk right out of the yard. Not very convenient for us as we have to go hunt them down, usually with a toddler in tow.

So last weekend Jeff and Isaac had to shovel out the fence area where the dogs escape from. It is not easy and Jeff has already done it twice this year. More times then ever. I just cant believe how much snow is out there!

Jeff dug it out while Isaac played in the snow. Can you see how high it is? Jeff's shins are at the top of the fence line (which has been broken by the weight of the snow). The fence is a 4 foot fence.

Good work daddy!

Ready? Maybe not...

Isaac used the big boy potty one day as I stated earlier. Well I went out and got him big boy underwear and we tried them out and he had plenty of accidents and has not shown interest since. Maybe some day soon. But he sure looked cute and big in his big boy underwear!

Skyping with Daddy

A few weeks ago Jeff went away for work for a week. He and Isaac Skyped one day and Isaac thought it was pretty cool talking to Daddy on the computer.