Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great day. We started off the day at my Mom's house and then on Thanksgiving evening we had Joe over for or own little Thanksgiving celebration.

The last couple of years Suzie and I have been in charge of the pumpkin pies for my Mom's Thanksgiving. This year we had Sophia and Owen over to help make the pies. Those kids are professional egg crackers now! The pics are from the Thanksgiving pie preparation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


At the gymnastics center in Sioux Falls they have a few open gym periods for little kids. We have been a couple of times and Isaac loves it! They can run around and play for about an hour. They have little kid bars they can swing on, trampolines, inflatables, balance beams, and a big pit to play in. He is full of giggles and smiles whenever he gets to play. Here are a couple pics of our most recent trip the the gymnastics center.

nice November day

Last weekend it was so nice outside. So we took advantage and played in the front yard. Isaac and Jeff worked on their golf swings and I documented (like usual). Isaac loves golf, I hope he loves it for years to come! Golf has created many great memories between my Dad and myself. Enjoy the pics!

Monday, November 9, 2009

mommy's little helper

Lately Isaac has showed some interest in helping with everything I do. So whats the best way to handle this? Put the 19 month old to work! Yes, I feel it is never too early to show him how to help with chores around the house. I am hoping one day he just says, "mommy, I'll do the laundry today". One can hope, right? I taught him how to bring his clothes to the laundry room and then I separate them into the correct piles. He tries to help separate, but I bet you know how that ends up.

The laundry basket does get a little heavy for him so he just pulls it the rest of the way.

Another thing he loves to do is pull out the clean dishes silverware and pass them over to me so I can put them away. It takes about double the time to put the dishes away, but it is good for him to help and he loves it.

As you can see he is a little short to put the clean silverware away, maybe I should get him a little stool?

Friday, November 6, 2009

butterfly kisses

Isaac and I went to the Butterfly House this week. It is fun going there and seeing Isaac understand more and more of what is going on as he is getting older. This time he was dodging the butterflies and I think sometimes they shocked him when they got so close to his face. But he still wanted to get very close to them when they were landed. This time he had a big blue one land on his back as you can see in the picture below.

He was also trying to give the butterflies kisses. He didn't get much closer than this, but it is pretty cute and fun to watch him interact.

They have a play room at the Butterfly house with a fish tank full of fish, a tank with a turtle named Franklin, and a tank with a reptile sort of thing named Knight. Isaac was very interested in all three of these tanks.
We will be making many trips to the Butterfly House this winter, I have a feeling.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

sugar anyone???

Yesterday I was not paying attention to Isaac as he was playing in the kitchen. He was being really quiet (first sign of trouble) and having a great time. So I went in and checked on him- sugar everywhere! He managed to open the Tupperware with the sugar in it and dump it all over the floor. I figured I would let him enjoy the mess for a few minutes before I cleaned it up. But once he got a taste of it and started licking it off the floor, I knew it was time to get the vacuum out!

94 years young

Isaac and I went with my Mom to Mitchell to celebrate my Grandpa's 94th Birthday!

My Mom picked up my Grandparents at their house and told them she was driving to lunch. They thought they were going to the usual- Holiday Inn or Perkins. She started driving them to lunch and told My Grandpa to close his eyes because they were going somewhere special. She said it was so cute- she looked in the back seat and saw Grandpa riding with his eyes closed. Then when she arrived at the Museum where lunch was and she told him to open his eyes, he was so shocked and happy to be at this location!

Grandpa got teary eyed when reading the cards from everyone. He made a comment to me after lunch about how proud he is of his children (6), grandchildren (13) and great grandchildren (14)! He is such a sweet man. I know where my Mom gets her awesomeness!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween pics

We started off the day at a Halloween Party-
he painted pumpkins.

We made a stop at my parents.

Then to Jeff's Grandparents
Isaac's Great Grandpa and Grandma Iverson.

Our last stop of the day was to Uncle Joe's in Brandon.

Halloween was a success!