Thursday, August 27, 2009

brave guy!

Enjoy this clip of my brave little man!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

weekend full of pictures!

So this passed weekend we covered a lot of ground. We started off in Minneapolis on Thursday evening to see my Dad get inducted into his high school's (De La Salle) Hall of Fame! It was so fun to see him being honored! Here he is giving his speech.

Then Friday morning Jeff got up and took Isaac swimming! Isaac loves to swim! Unfortunately the water was not very warm so the poor little guy was freezing.
They still managed to have some fun.

Since Isaac was so cold Jeff took him into the hot tub- and that was just "luke warm" according to Jeff. So our swimming adventure was short lived...

Next stop, Mall of America! Isaac's first time in the mall so we took him to Lego Land where he jumped right in and played with the Lego's for quite some time. We just let him have his fun. Of course after we played with the Lego's I wanted to buy him a little kids set and of course Jeff said to wait till he is older... ok, fine! But what a great deal for kids at the mall.

We attempted to hit some stores at the mall, but Isaac wanted nothing to do with it.

So we took him to the Aquarium! He loved it!

And of course, he loved this beaver. He was giving him all kinds of love and
we eventually had to pry him away so other kids could say "hi".

Then on our way through the Aquarium. Isaac loved all the fish! Jeff gave him an

up close look at this shark-

He also got a pretty close look at this guy. They had some pretty cool fish.
Did I mention some pretty big fish, too?!?!

The aquarium also had some really colorful tropical fish. We had so much fun checking them out and point to all different kinds of fish! As you can see Isaac is really thrilled to be taking a picture with me. But I do promise you we had a really good time.

After the Mall of America we took the stop off the LightRail at the dome. The Vikings had a preseason game against the Chiefs. Jeff and I thought about maybe trying to go and see Brett Favre as a Viking. I have always wanted to see Brett Favre, so this was a great opportunity. It was crazy. At the Mall of America I have never seen so many Viking jersey's- let alone Vikings jerseys with the "4" on the back. At the pregame festivities there were even more! Wow these fans are pretty excited. Jeff managed to find out couple cheap tickets from some random guy on the street. Suzie took Isaac home and Jeff and I went to the game. We only stayed for the first part of the first half. Long enough to see Brett and his big debut then we were off to the hotel.

On Saturday morning we were up early and on the road to Okoboji! We didn't do much on Saturday as it wasn't very warm. On Sunday morning Suzie and I took Isaac for a little walk. We ended up in this really cool grassy area. Below is a pic of Suz and Isaac

We hung out in the area for a little bit and I had to include this picture of Isaac smiling! He rarely ever smiles for the camera and this time he even said "cheese"! We may be making some progress and our serious little kid might be breaking out of his shell!

After Isaac's nap on Sunday the sun was shining and it was the perfect lake day! We took full advantage and spent all afternoon on the lake. Isaac had so much fun as

Jeff pulled him around on the tube.

Later in the day Jeff and Isaac played in the sand and Isaac loved every second of it. He is starting to get really fun and really interested in stuff like this. Too bad the lake season is coming to an end. I cant wait to see all the stuff Isaac does next summer!

I hope you enjoyed all our pictures from our weekend. We had a great time! Thanks Suzie for riding with us and helping out with Isaac. Thanks Grandma for babysitting, too!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

before and after

Yesterday we decided to give Isaac a big haircut! I had thought about growing it all out and letting it go but the longer it got the crazier it got and it was sticking up all over the place. So I decided to go ahead and cut it all off. Here is the before pic....
And here is the after pic- He looks so different! He looks older and a lot more cleaned up. I am going to let it grow out again... maybe it will come in fuller this time and we can let it grow! He is such a blondie! Sherrie, my hair gal told me he is getting curls in the back and the sides... our little guy might get his daddy's curls after all!

the pacifer debate

So before I had Isaac I registered for pacifiers and all that stuff. But a couple weeks/months before I had him I decided that I was not going to use one. This is such a debate in life I know now because I am a Mom and hear all sides of it. The main reason I did not want him to use one is because I did not want to wean him from it when he was old enough not to have one. I have heard that weaning can be a nightmare!

So I have one in the house and let my friend use it for her little guy because she forgot hers at home. I stuck it up in the cupboard in case it happens again I will know where to find it. Well it fell out and Isaac got a hold of it. He stuck it in his mouth and didn't even know how to put it in right! I had to take a picture cause he looks so different with a paci in his mouth.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I had Isaac's pictures taken by Ann Kneip. She married one of my high school friends. She sent me the link to the pictures and I wanted to share it with you. She did such a great job! In case you were wondering, we did them in my Mom's backyard and wow- what a great place to take pictures!

1. go to

2. on the bottom select "client movies"

3. select "Isaac"

4. The password is "oliver"

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

pumpkins are taking over!

So I decided to plant pumpkins this year on the side of my house. After I planted the entire bag of seeds I was informed that all I needed to plant was 2 or 3! So I was a little nervous about the pumpkins taking over my yard, but never thought it would really happen. The first pic is of the pumpkins planted in early to mid May.
So that was then and they started growing and I did not think they would get very big. I had them all in about a 4 foot section. I started noticing them getting bigger so I gave a couple away to my friend and moved the rest. The ones I moved never really picked up speed but the ones I did not move sure kept right on growing. Here are my pumpkins in mid to late June.

Not so bad, huh? Well now my pumpkins are taking over! I keep trying to redirect them so they stay in the pumpkin area and not vine out into the yard. It is a daily task ask I am sure they grow at least a couple inches a day. I am trying to direct one to go into my window well and the others ones I am just trying to keep them close to the house. If they vine out into the yard I am sure Jeff will mow them! Check them out now. I took a couple pictures this morning- August 12th.

The most exiting part is that we now have pumpkins growing! It has all paid off. I just hope they keep growing in the right direction until October- 8 weeks away! Who knows what kind of pumpkin patch I will have by then. So if you are in the Sioux Falls area and are thinking about going to buy pumpkins, email me ( and see how many I have leftover! I will be happy to give them to you. Check out my baby pumpkin growing so well!

Next year I think I will just plant 2 or 3 pumpkin seeds!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

such a big boy

I got home from my girls trip to KC on Sunday afternoon- had a great time! Pics to come, soon. Anyways, when I got home I went outside with Isaac and he showed me his new trick! I cant believe that he is growing so much week to week! He seems to be getting more independent and more brave everyday! Here he is going down the slide all by himself with no help. He does it over and over and over! Check it out.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

we love the lake

It was the perfect day at the lake on Sunday. Low 80's and sunshine! We took full advantage and spent the day on the boat with Jeff's parents and Joe. When we got back to the cabin Jeff and I took Isaac on his 1st wave runner ride. I was in the way back so I did not get to see much of Isaac's reaction but the jumping up and down was a sure sign he was having a good time. I think Jeff got going a little too fast a couple of times, but I am probably the only one who minded. My mind kept thinking......what if he fell off, what happens if Jeff dumps us.... I gotta not think like that.

On Saturday it was a little cooler so Jeff and I took Isaac it Boji Bay- it is a indoor water park. Isaac is probably a little too young for it. He was mostly freaked by all the activity! The one thing he did love about that place was the lazy river! He went around and around and around for probably a half hour just chillin. Jeff and I took turns going around with him.

We sure do love the lake weekends! And summer is quickly slipping by so we are taking full advantage of the weekends we do get to be at the lake. We are so thankful to Jeff's parents for having us there and taking care of Isaac in the mornings so I can sleep in!