Tuesday, May 26, 2009

poor poor ozzy

Poor Ozzy gets the grunt of Isaac. Isaac is really digging the dogs these days. Here is a video of Isaac chasing Ozzy and Oz trying to ditch him. Isaac's laugh is pretty much music to my ears... sorry if that sounds cheesy. Don't mind Isaac and his toy in his mouth. He loves to put toys in his mouth.. I wonder if that is because I never gave him a pacifier?!?! Enjoy the video and I will try to put more on. I have gotten a little lazy with "The Flip".

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Isaac is a big time snuggler. He loves to give hugs. His latest move is when you hug him he will rub and pat your back. It is pretty sweet.

We have been going to the little daycare at the gym and he is finally warming up. Today when I peeked in on him he was playing by himself with no adults holding him or sitting by him. He used to have to be held all the time and then he got to the point where he would not be held but they had to sit right by him when he played and now he is warming up. He still screams when I leave the room, but it only lasts for about 15 seconds (or so I'm told). Today when I went to get him he was being held by one of the adults and he had his head resting on her shoulder. They say how he is such a snuggler.

I love my little boy so much.... and so does his daddy. Here are a couple pics of the snuggler in action. Enjoy- and enjoy your Memorial day weekend! Jeff's parents are arriving tonight for the summer.

Monday, May 18, 2009

this is why we live in sodak.

Days like today are the reason we live in South Dakota. It was the perfect day. Temp in the lower 80's and no wind. We took full advantage of today. We started the day off outside picking lilacs with Suzie. They smell awesome! Then Isaac and I took the dogs for a walk. During Isaac's nap I spent the whole time outside pulling weeds and watering the flowers (I cant believe I am turning into my mother-haha). When Isaac woke up from his nap we picked up Isaac's cousin, Owen and went to the park. Jeff spent the day golfing for a Skyforce outing- what a perfect day for it. I'm attaching some pics from today at the park and some of my yard and all the green! I cant wait till the annuals I planted start to come up. I also planted some pumpkin seeds in the back so if all works as planned we will have pumpkins for Halloween! If you are looking for some, check with me first... as I may have more than I can handle.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

follow up

Today we had to take Isaac back to the Dr for a follow up appointment to check his weight and get his 1 year shots. He is gaining weight- a whopping 20lbs! So that is great news. He had to get shots, too. Which were not so fun. But they are over and done with, for now.

I joined a gym that is close to home. They have a little daycare in there for Isaac. He has gone 2 times. So far and he is not so sure what to think. The first time I went in to check on him he was pretty sad and the second he saw me he was so anxious for me to hold him. Today went a little better but as soon as he saw me he wanted nothing to do with the babysitters. He will get better. We just need to keep going.

Friday, May 8, 2009

little tikes!

Isaac's cousin, Hudson was nice enough to pass on his little tikes play thing that goes outside. It has a couple slides and stuff to play on. He loves it! Thanks Sam, Shelley and Hudson for the hand me down!!

pink eye

I think I mentioned before that Isaac had pink eye a couple of weeks ago (and strep throat). I took a couple of pictures of him and his eye.


Sorry I have been missing lately. We have been crazy busy around here and the time has just slipped away. Funny how that always happens once the weather turns nice. I don't have all my pics uploaded on my computer yet from the recent activities so I will add some from Isaac's 1st Easter.

I want to say congrats to Nicki and Andy Ellerbroek who had their baby boy on Sunday, April 26th. He arrived 2 weeks early. I was with Nicki the day before at Karla Pederson's shower for her twin girls and little did we know the next morning little Aidan Joseph (AJ) would make his appearance. They are all home and happy and adjusting to life with a newborn. Sophie is a proud big sister.

We spent a few days in Las Vegas with some Burger King people. We had a great time! Some serious sun time, massages, great food and other fun stuff. It was wild and crazy and there is no way I will ever forget it. It was a rough trip home- Jen and I had to be up bright and early on Wednesday for our flight home and we had a wild and crazy night on Tuesday. Enough said...

I am so thankful that my mom was able to help with Isaac. Suzie and Sophia helped out, too. I am so lucky to have her so I could take a few days to myself. It was definitely needed even though I was so anxious to get back to see Isaac. He is at such a fun age right now I hate to leave him.

We have a really busy weekend this weekend, too. Avera Breast Cancer walk in the morning. Then Jeff and I are heading to the cities for a Twins game. We are coming home fist thing on Sunday to get back for Mother's day. Then life should get back to normal.... for a little bit.