Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 year in review

Since this is my 100th blog of 2009 I wanted to do a little "year in review" since there are only a few short days left of the year, enjoy!

Jeff is still keeping busy working at Burger King. He has been working for about as long as I have been alive, so he knows the business quite well. In his free time he likes to play Fantasy Football and is in 2 leagues this year- he better bring in some cash! Jeff is still a huge Cowboys and Notre Dame fan. He has played more golf this year than years passed, he still hasn't beaten me at the game- and I hope we keep it that way for awhile! He also likes his poker nights with his buddies- those are hard to come by these days. Hailey and Ozzy (the dogs) are still his babies.

Maggie is enjoying staying home with Isaac more than ever as he is getting more and more fun everyday. They go to play dates weekly and do other activities, too. In her free time she is in a Bunco group- same group of girls since May of 2007! She is also in a Book Club. They meet once a month but dropped the reading so now it's just a monthly social gathering at a local restaurant. She is also a sub on a bowling league with some girls, recently had her high score of 144!

Isaac is very busy at almost 21 months old. He is nonstop from when he wakes up until it is time for nap and bedtime. He loves Dora, Diego, Elmo, The Backyardigans and Little Einsteins. He also loves trains, blocks, coloring, the snow, balls, the lake, his golf clubs, his puppies and the list goes on and on. His vocabulary is growing everyday. His favorite words are puppy (first thing he says in the morning), Mommy, Da, poopy, tickle, uh oh.....just to name a few. He loves his play dates. He just completed his first semester of Kindermusik and he loved it so much he is signed up for another semester that starts in the middle of January. He also took swimming lessons again and still loves the water. He is a big time cuddler and gives lots of kisses, on his time.

We were lucky enough to travel to many places this year. In February we went to Coronado to see Grandpa and Grandma Connelly. Isaac got pretty sick but we were still able to go to the beach and he loved the sand. In March we went to Lake Tahoe to ski with Jeff's family. Maggie got back on skis for the first time in probably 15 years. Isaac enjoyed playing in the snow and playing with his cousin, Jaxson. Jeff and Maggie went to Las Vegas without Isaac in May and had way too much fun. We spent many weekends at the lake with Jeff's parents and Isaac loved every minute. Maggie and Jeff also caught 1 Twins game. We just returned home from Scottsdale where we celebrated Christmas with Jeff's family. We took Isaac to the driving range and he was running around like crazy full of excitement. We did so many fun things while we were there and enjoyed the nice weather. Isaac got to play with his Cousin Jaxson and we got lots of family time in. All of Jeff's siblings were there so it was nice to be together. We came home to about 2 feet of snow, so we were lucky to get a little break in the cold days.

We had a couple of rough times this past year. One being the death of Jeff's grandpa Sid. He passed away in the summer after a long sickness. We also go the sad news about our dog, Hailey having cancer. But so far she seems to be in great spirits so we will just enjoy our time with her.

We look forward to 2010- Suzie, Maggie and Isaac are going out to California in February. We are heading back to Arizona in March for Jack (Jeff's brother) and Patricia's wedding. We have definitely taken advantage of Isaac flying for free. He turns 2 in April and we don't have any big trips planned after that. After he turns 2 we have to start buying him a seat on the plane- bummer!

Thanks for following our family blog! Keep checking back!

Jeff, Maggie, Isaac, Hailey and Ozzy Oliver

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas with my family on Sunday evening because Jeff, Isaac and I are heading to Arizona to spend the Holiday with his family this year. It was a really fun night and the kids had the most fun, of course! Here are a few pics from the night.

Suz, Liz and I

Sophia, Liz and Owen (I think Liz is teaching them to facebook)

Mom, Sophia, Cappy, Hudson, Dad, Isaac and Owen

Ahhhh the cutest pic. Cappy and Isaac playing piano in their santa hats!

Cappy, Suz and Isaac
Have a safe and Merry Chrstmas! Love, the Olivers

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sad news

Last week I discovered some blood on the sheets where Hailey (our dog) sleeps. When Jeff got home from work that night he discovered a mass inside her mouth. It had an open sore on it which has been causing the bleeding. He took her right to the vet Tuesday (December 8) evening. The Dr said it was a tumor and scheduled surgery for the next morning to have it removed. Jeff brought her back in on Wednesday (December 9) for surgery. I picked her up that afternoon. The Dr said they got everything removed but had some concern because of some swelling of her lymph node. He said he didn't know anything for sure and wanted to wait until we got the results back before he wanted to say anything. So we kept our thoughts positive all week and through the weekend. The Dr said it would be 5-7 days before they had any results.

Yesterday (December 15) the vet called and gave Jeff the sad news. Hailey has Oral cancer and it is aggressive. He told us that we can try to treat the cancer with chemo. They could also try to remove the cancer, but with the dogs being so small and their mouths being so small it is a very difficult surgery. And do we really want to put her through all that? The dogs will be 8 in February.

So we have decided to just enjoy her while she is with us. The Dr said it is going to be 2 weeks - 6 months until it is time to put her down. We strongly believe she is feeling good and is happy right now. She has a little spunk and is eating very well. As soon as she stops eating and starts losing weight then we know it is time.

It is so sad. I just wish we had more time. I don't know what Ozzy is going to do without her. He is going to be heartbroken. It is going to be horrible. We have shed so many tears in the last couple of days in this house. I try not to think about it and then emotions come flooding over my body and I cant stop the tears. Thankfully Isaac is still so young that he doesn't understand. It is so sweet when I am crying he rests his head on my shoulder and pats my back. Sweet little boy.

We are going to Arizona for Christmas on Tuesday until Sunday. We just really want her to be strong and healthy until we get home. Horrible timing, huh? We love you, Hailey!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Another event at the Birthday party was Santa! He came after the carriage ride and it was so funny seeing all the kids react. As you can see below, Isaac was hiding from Santa. He was not so sure about him. It was so funny seeing him sneak behind that chair. Too cute!
Then he sat in his lap and they got along just fine.

horse carriage ride

Suzie and I joined a boot camp sort of fitness program in August. The couple who runs the program moved to Brandon in June and we have all become friends. They have a little girl, Peyton who turned 2 yesterday. Suz, Jeff, Isaac and I went to her birthday party yesterday and they had quite the agenda planned! Included in this was a carriage ride on some horses. We rode from their house to a house with crazy Christmas lights that has the lights synchronized with a radio station. It was quite the thing to see. The horse ride lasted about an hour and it was a bit chili. Although it was the nicest and warmest it has been since winter struck last week. Isaac did really well- I think he got pretty cold towards the end, though. He spent the first half starting at the horses and the second half trying to keep warm. Overall it was a really fun night, especially for the kids (and adults as they had lots of hot cocoa and baileys)!

swimming lessons

Isaac is taking swimming lessons again this year. I finally was able to take some pics of Isaac and Jeff during lessons. He still loves the water and has really enjoyed the lessons. He is the youngest in the class by several months, but seems to be keeping up with everyone okay. They work a lot on getting in and out of the water, kicking their feet, going under water and lots of playing. Enjoy the pictures!

what a difference!

This morning we had breakfast with our playgroup from when the kids were just days old. It was with Sophie, Charlie and Colette. I took pictures this morning of the 4 kids and then got home and started searching for the picture I took of them when they were little. I found it! It was taken in January, 2009

Almost a year later, here are the four kids! Cute cute cute! So much fun to see them get older.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sleepy Santa

Isaac is obsessed with wearing his Santa hat. He loves to put it on and go everywhere with it. Good thing it is the perfect time of year for it. Last week we were driving and on the way home he put it on. I turned back to check on him and this is what he looked like- and I promise, I didn't stage it.

I am being a bit lazy about uploading pics off my camera. I will work on it soon. Then I will get some more posts up. Bare with me!