Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sophia's 18! A roller skating party.

For Sophia's 18th birthday my brother and sis in law rented out a local roller skating rink and it was so fun! The kids had a great time, and so did the adults. 

It has been years since I have gone roller skating and I managed it... with no falls! 

Isaac wasn't too thrilled about skating, but he stuck it out. Anna had fun and stayed on the rink the whole time gripping the walls and going uber slow.... but she gets an A for effort, for sure. 

I can't even believe my sweet Sophia is 18... I remember the day she was born. She changed my life. 

Sully and Anna- besties


JJ and myself

Piper pouting


Minneapolis with Mom

On a whim several weeks ago I sent my mom a text and told her I wanted to get up to Minneapolis for a few things and threw out a question to see if she would want to join me.... and she accepted! Whoop whoop!

We took off Friday morning after I dropped the kids at school and came home late on Sunday evening. 

We hit all our favorite spots and she showed me a few new faves, too. 

We ate at great restaurants and got really good sleep. 

We truly enjoyed each others company. I love the time I get to spend with her. 

I hope we get to do it again, soon. 

love you, mom

fun weekend!

Anna's playing soccer!

Its Anna's for a little soccer. 

The night of her first game she was definitely a little nervous and had some tears. But once she got going and kicked the ball around a couple of times she was off and playing! She is getting braver with each game and practice. 

My parent came to one of her games and she was so proud to have them there.

day made.  

soccer star

fun to have cheerleaders!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

soccer in Omaha

We spent a weekend in Omaha for soccer and had some good quality family time. I have decided this is why I enjoy our soccer weekends away- family time. 

Isaac had 2 games on Saturday morning and a game on Sunday morning. After his game on Saturday we went to have lunch and then back to the hotel for some swimming- always a favorite activity. 

On Sunday after his game we went to a local nursery my sister in law told me about - it was pretty impressive. 

We came home on Sunday afternoon. 

hotel notes from Anna 

awesome trees!

family pic

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mercy Me

Anna and I were supposed to have a date with Nikki and Alex to the concert, Mercy Me on Sunday evening. But, with the postponement of the Extravaganza to Sunday put a damper on our plans.

Nikki ended up taking them and they had a great time. They went to Chili's for dinner, followed by the show. 

Nikki and I have been great friends since high school and watching our girls be great friends has been so much fun. They totally take care of each other. They love to FaceTime after school and play Roblox together. 

What a pair!

Thanks, Nikki for such a fun evening!

Extravaganza 2018

After the Extravaganza was postponed on Saturday night to Sunday afternoon it was kind of a bummer. But, we made the best of it. Most of our group was still able to come.

Fun memories made!

ladies table

JJ and I

Bridgett and myself. 

April Blizzard

We had the biggest snow in a decade over the weekend. I think they said it was over 14 inches. We stayed in the house all day. The town was basically shut down... the mall was closed, Target, etc. It was kind of nice to be forced to stay home but we had plans for Saturday evening for a fundraiser for the SFCS so it as a bummer they had to postpone that until Sunday. 

Sunday morning we went out to dig out. So much heavy snow!

We had 6 more inches today..... spring, where are you?

3-4 foot drifts

snow dog

Isaac and Elijah

neighborhood clean up crew

master snowblower