Thursday, July 20, 2017

4th of July

We had our annual friends get together on the 4th at the lake. It was the most perfect lake day with big puffy clouds and warm enough to want to be in the water. It was a really fun day and the kids played nonstop with each other. 

That evening the storms rolled in so we stayed in for the fireworks which is not normally what we do but it was still enjoyable. 

everyone smile. 

mandatory 4th attire


Monday, July 3, 2017

Minneapolis weekend

My mom got Isaac a ticket to see Ed Sheeran in concert (for his birthday) and I was the lucky one to take him. So, we made a family weekend of it. 

We left Friday afternoon and took a pit stop at Minnesota's largest candy store. Then we went to Valley Fair for a couple of hours and rode rides and played games. We arrived right after a big storm so the park was really quiet and we were able to do all we wanted to do in a short amount of time... thankful for that!

Saturday morning we went to the mall for a couple of hours and then in the afternoon we all went to St Paul to hang out. We shopped around and checked out some stores. We ended up eating pizza and having some ice cream before Jeff dropped Isaac and I at the concert. 

We had a great time at the show. Ed Sheeran is so good. It was so much fun to take Isaac. He was clapping, singing, screaming, and just taking it all in. The place was packed. We had really good seats  so it was perfect that Isaac was able to see. There were 3 proposals during the concert. Crazy! 

Jeff and Anna went to the American Girl doll store while Isaac and I were at the concert. They had a great time, too. 

Sunday morning before we hit the road the kids went swimming at the hotel. They were really excited to be staying at the Embassy Suites. Anna requested the top floor so that's where we stayed. It was nice and quiet up there but it took forever to get the elevator. It's all good though, cause the kids loved it. 

It was a really fun weekend. Enjoy some pictures in random order. 

loving the top floor and ready to swim!

Isaac and Ed Sheeran


American Girl 

Minnesota's largest candy store

bumper cars!

mad that Jeff and Anna bumped him

roller coaster with Anna!

playing piano at the book store in St Paul

Isaac and I with our concert tickets

yum... ice cream!

ready to walk into the show with his new t shirt!

June pics

In the midst of all the stuff going on right now, I just wanted to post some random pictures from June. I feel like it gets hard to keep up with my blog with how fast life is going and events kind of running into each other.

My purpose of this blog will always be and always has been a wait to keep a family journal of what we are up to so we have it to cherish for years to come. 

Here is a combination of some June pictures

baseball- Oliver grandparents came to watch

Alex and Anna- first sleepover!

reading on the deck

regional soccer tournament

grandma bananas garden

Anna's new chair to watch all of Isaac's sports

official ball shaggers for the regional tournament

GG, Anna and Piper at family night at MCK park

Father's Day 2017

After spending most of the weekend in Fargo for soccer we were able to come home late Saturday evening so we could be home for Father's Day. 

We just spent the day getting stuff done around the house and hanging out after being gone so much. Isaac went with my dad to play some golf before our family BBQ.

We all gathered in the evening for our traditional fried chicken and delicious sides. Then we played a little family golf competition. 

It was a pretty nice relaxing Father's Day. 

We are so lucky to have Jeff in our world. He is the best dad to these 2 kiddos. They are so lucky!

Father's Day 2017

soccer and baseball pics

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

tooth #5

Anna finally lost her first tooth on top. She was so nervous about losing it as she didn't know how she would look or how she would eat.

Once she finally let Jeff give it a tug it came right out and she looks so darn cute.  

The one next to it is pretty wiggly, too. 

oh snap

This poor tree has suffered through many storms... but it finally lost its battle last week when we had some strong winds.... Jeff was always wishful that tree would make a fully recovery. Sorry, buddy.

kids were surprised to see the tree in the morning 

trying so hard to fix it.